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Joan Crawford Furs

Auctioned by Doyle New York on 12/7/11.

 See this page for a listing of final prices for the furs (and other items) at auction.


Cream ostrich and coq feather boa (9 ft, 6 in).

Silver fox rectangular stole by Alixandre (6 ft, 10 in).

Double-sided light fox boa (7 ft, 6 in).

Double-sided silver fox boa (6 ft, 6 in).

Black mink tapered rectangular stole by Russeks.

Ebony mink by Alixandre.

Ivory mink rectangular stole by Alixandre.

Ivory mink bolero by Alixandre.

Dark brown ranch mink coat by Alixandre.

Sable cardigan-style coat by Alixandre.

Dark brown mink scarf by Alixandre (41 in).

Dark brown ranch mink scarf

with mink tail fringes, by Emme (6 ft, 5 in).

Brown mink stole (with faces and tails) by Alixandre.

Mink pelts and foxtail.


The Best of Everything