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1944 to 1949


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1944. On the Warner's lot, shot by Bert Longworth.




February 23, 1944, to Mollye Spaelti


March 22, 1944, to Mollye Spaelti


March 27, 1944, to Ada Snow


March 30, 1944, to columnist Jimmy Starr


May 27, 1944, to actress Lotte Palfi


July 1, 1944, to Dorothy Cain


September 29, 1944, to Bob Thorell


December 12, 1944, to Clifton Webb





January 4, 1945, to James Pattarini

(Thanks to Julian Kappmeier)


May 21, 1945, to Private Bill Seay


July 29, 1945, to Corporal Lawrence Cressy


October 11, 1945, to columnist Jimmy Starr


November 8, 1945, to Joseph Sokol





December 4, 1946, to Joseph Sokol




September 4, 1947, to H.N. Swanson


September 15, 1947, to Leslie Powell




December 10, 1948, to NY Post columnist Leonard Lyons



Dear Lennie,

Thank you so much for your encouraging letter about Frazier.

The thing that disturbs me most, Lennie, is that George keeps telling people I have lied to him, when I have not. He says I have lied about my age, and has indicated to Billy Haines in a letter to him that I was born in 1903, which is a lie and I'll take an oath on my four children's heads that it is.

Also, he claims I was married before I came into pictures. Someone called me and said "Who is Colisimo?" I said "What do you mean who is Colisimo? You must mean what is Colisimo that's where they have the football games." Then they read me a paragraph from one of the local columns saying that George Frazier was out here to prove that I had once been married to someone by the name of Colisimo. That, too, I will take an oath on that I have never been married before Douglas or that I have ever heard of Mr. Colisimo whoever he might be.

George also said in his letter to Billy Haines, "What does she take me for, a complete idiot? Doesn't she know that I would have talked to Colisimo's friends?"

Honestly, Lennie, I really don't know what to do with a guy who seems to believe he is right. I have not lied about any one of those items, and I cannot understand why anybody would ever say I have been married to this gentleman or how his friends think they might be able to contribute something. It is unbelievable that he is gullible enough to believe their stories.

I have grown up publicly and made all my mistakes publicly. Everything I have ever done has certainly been recorded and there is no possible reason why I should lie about anything, but apparently George will not be convinced that I am not lying.

Would you please be an angel and clear him up on these two items? I really don't know how I can do it since he does not seem to believe me. By the way, who the hell is Colisimo and when was I supposed to have been married to him?

If Frazier would only pick up the phone, reverse the charges, and ask me these questions, rather than to ask people all over New York and to send letters to various and sundry people all over California, it would be so nice and in keeping with my opinion of him when I saw him. But suddenly to have all hell break loose when he leaves California and to have my name thrust about in a very unflattering manner, is anything but what I thought George Frazier would do.

George has contacted everyone except me which, I think, is a little unfair. If he has any accusations to make, they should certainly be made to the person involved me.

Bless you for all your valuable time I taken up. My love to you and Sylvia.

Joan Crawford



Christmas 1948 to columnist Jimmy Starr




1949 to MGM executive Eddie Mannix



January 5, 1949, to Norman Stuart


January 10, 1949, to Bill Seay


January 13, 1949, to Louise Hazuka


January 19, 1949, to Lilyan Miller


February 28, 1949, to Willard Slawter


April 26, 1949, to Mrs. David E. Jacobs


May 25, 1949, to Peter Windsor


August 23, 1949, to Joan Conord


August 29, 1949, to Katherine Le Blanc





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