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Voices Across the Sea summaries from 2 Norma Shearer books

(Thanks to Shearer scholar Mike O'Hanlon for sharing these.)



Above: From Norma: The Story of Norma Shearer (Larry Quirk)

Below: From The Films of Norma Shearer (Jack Jacobs and Myron Braum)




And from Mordaunt Hall's 11/16/28 addendum to his New York Times review of Alias Jimmy Valentine:


As a prelude to this picture there were presented three audible subjects, the most interesting one being a series of scenes with Ernest Torrence, John Gilbert, George K. Arthur, Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer. Mr. Torrence is supposed to be in London at the opening of the new Empire Theatre. He is addressing the audience; then he takes up a telephone and decides to talk to Mr. Gilbert and the others in California. Mr. Torrence is splendid. He is amusing and every word he utters is distinct and, what is more to the point, natural. Mr. Arthur's jocose utterances added to the laughter last night. Mr. Gilbert decided to use words like "colossal, amazing and wonderful." Miss Shearer and Miss Crawford were quite good.  Full Alias Jimmy Valentine review.


The Best of Everything