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An Invitation to Visit

Joan and Philip Terry--West Los Angeles, California

Originally appeared in Motion Picture, February 1944

Joan Crawford and Philip Terry invite Motion Picture readers to an exclusive viewing of their lovely home. Joan's dash and individuality are reflected throughout. A gorgeous painting of Joan hangs over the fireplace, above, with a flowered loveseat and lemon yellow chair on each side. Joan had her heart set on a special shade of green for the setee. Unable to find it, she took a lettuce leaf to the decorator, told him to dye it that shade.

Besides the dining alcove shown above, there's a formal dining room which Joan has closed for the duration. In another corner of the den (not shown) Joan cleverly lined the walls with flowered chintz matching the draperies and couch. The blinds in the den are natural pine wood which have been waxed. The wallpaper in Joan's bedroom is hand-painted and took a year to complete. Just off the bedroom is a small sitting-room in which Joan keeps her 200-year-old harpsichord, one of her prize possessions. Notice the many unusual dolls in the open cabinets in the nursery. The Terrys have two children, Christina and Philip, Jr. Phil's room -- in another corner -- has an antique four-poster bed. The rug is maroon and the wallpaper is henna color. To the left of the swimming pool is the bathhouse, to the right is Joan's little theater. A movie is shown each Saturday night for little Christina.

Your hostess, Joan Crawford, greets you in her charming living room


The entrance to the house is flanked with shrubbery


The swimming pool is one of the loveliest in Hollywood


The sofa opposite the fireplace is yellow; the pictures are on silver backgrounds


The den has a blue chintz-covered couch with vari-colored silk pillows


The dining room is used for small parties. It overlooks the pool and garden


Joan and Phil enjoy a game of backgammon in the library


Joan's bedroom is done in blue and yellow, one of her favorite color schemes


Phil's room is a combination bedroom, sitting-room and study


Nursery for the two children is in blue and rose. Isn't the spool bed lovely?



The Best of Everything