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Hartsdale and NYC: March 23, 2006


Chelsea Cinema "Berserk" showing

On Thursday night, March 23, Hedda Lettuce hosted a showing of Joan's penultimate film "Berserk" at the Chelsea Cinema. Here are Joan fans Theo (in from London), me (in from Austin), and Donna (in from Brooklyn) with Hedda's publicity poster in the lobby.



Above: Hedda Lettuce's pre-show for "Berserk," featuring clowns "Franchot" and "Phil." (A few days after posting these photos, I got the below note from "Phil," whose real name is Alex! And, no, he and boyfriend Kurt were not plants but just dressed up for fun!)


Hi Stephanie,


I just had the opportunity to look at your site—naturally I have it bookmarked—and there are pictures of me and my boyfriend Kurt, dressed up as clowns!   Ha ha ha!


I wish I had known you were there; I would have enjoyed meeting you in person.


We had a ball that night.  Incidentally, my winning the raffle was not planned—just a kismet.  Perhaps Joan herself was watching over the proceedings and manipulating our fates?


Alex (Phil), of Franchot (Kurt) and Phil



Above: Theo (on the far right) flew in an advance British copy of the new Joan bio "Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr," which Lucas (in from DC), Donna, and I are all admiring at the Chelsea.



Above: A shout-out to two cute and charming "Berserk" virgins (and New Yorkers via Texas) who were sitting next to me at the show.


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Your Photos Wanted!


Have you visited Joan sites such as her Brentwood home, NYC apartments, childhood homes, or other landmarks like her star or footprints outside Grauman's in Hollywood? Have you ever dressed up as Joan for a party or attended a Joan-related event?


If you've got pictures of yourself and/or friends at Joan locations or at Joan-related events and would like to see them on this website, please send 'em in!

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