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Young Cudahy Jailed; Plans to Wed Foiled


originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune, January 5, 1927



Santa Barbara, CA [Special] -- The romance of Michael Cudahy, 19 year old son of the late Jack Cudahy, millionaire meat packer, and Marie Astaire, 19 year old actress, ended at the county jail here tonight.

Cudahy, Miss Astaire and Bobby O'Brien, who was to have been best man at Cudahy's wedding were found in an apartment here, according to Sheriff Ross.

Cudahy was jailed. The bride-to-be was taken back to her mother, Mrs. May Brusberg of Hollywood, escorted by O'Brien.

Mother Asked Arrest

The arrest was imputed to Cudahy's mother, Mrs. Edna Cudahy of Hollywood, who asked sheriffs and county clerks of several California counties to prevent the marriage of her son and the actress.

Cudahy is reported to have told officials here that he had made the acquaintance of the intended bride yesterday.

Marie Astaire is a former Hyde Park High School girl of four years ago and lived at 6243 Drexel Avenue. Her name in Chicago was Esther Marie Von Brusberg.

Tries at Santa Ana

Cudahy’s mother earlier that morning halted her son's plan to wed in Santa Ana, county seat of Orange county, where young Cudahy and his fiancée appeared at 4 a.m.

A few hours later, Cudahy and Miss Astaire appeared in the Los Angeles Hall of Justice and applied for a marriage blank. Cudahy said he was 22 years old. The clerk telephoned his mother and was informed, she said, that the young man had been missing from his home since last Friday and a marriage license at this time would only be the prelude to an annulment suit.

Calls Him a Child

“Mike is only 19 and a child,” Mrs. Cudahy said tonight. “Because he’s attractive and has money, he becomes the target of all sorts of impossible persons. I’m all upset over it. He got with a crowd that does drinking and now it’s this.”

Last October, Mrs. Jack Cudahy threatened to apply for annulment of her son’s reported secret marriage to Joan Crawford, former Kansas City girl and Follies dancer, who is now a moving pictures actress. Miss Crawford last October denied reports that she and young Cudahy had been married.



[Thanks to Norman for this article.]

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