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Above: 1983 paper dolls by Tom Tierney (Dover Publications, New York; 32 pages). Click on photo to see all pages from set.


A plate full o' 'Gable's Women': #1376; 1st of 6 in series; 22,500 issued by MGM in 1978. Joan's on the left, from 'Cargo.' Harlow and Turner are the other two 'lucky gals'!        A jewelry-holder based on Joan's costume in 'The Women.'       A 'Humoresque' wax doll by Paul Crees. 1983. 28 inches tall.       'Baby Jane' silverplate spoons.       'Baby Jane' Fan:       'Strait-Jacket' cigarette lighter: 'Don't Mess With Joan'


Above:  27-inch-tall "Mildred Pierce" marionette by Ron Kron (1970s). Click photo for more (and larger) images.

Below:  7-1/2 x 4-1/2 inch polymer clay figurine by Bob Powley (2018).


 'Baby Jane.' Click to see 4 big Blanche-doll photos.   'Hush...Hush Sweet Charlotte.' Click to see 4 big Miriam-doll photos.   'Strait-Jacket.' Click to see 4 big Lucy-doll photos.   'I Saw What You Did.' Click to see 4 big Amy-doll photos.   'Berserk!' Click to see 4 big Monica-doll photos.   'Trog.' Click to see 3 big Dr. Brockton-doll photos.

Above: Joan dolls by an unknown artist. If you have any information on the creator or about the dolls, please e-mail me.
Click on a photo to enlarge and to see other angles of the doll.



Mommie Dearest-Related


          A Mother's Day 2004 pint glass---'Mommie Beerest'---sold by the Flying Saucer pub (unknown city).    1980s wire hanger.    A 'Mommie Dearest' valentine made by 'Rock Shots,' 1982. The inside says ''re hard to beat.'

   Joan Pawford as 'Mommie Bearest' from the North American Bear VIB series. Note the hanger earrings! (Not wire!)          2006 scouring powder to promote the 'Mommie Dearest' DVD re-release.        2006 promo fan for re-release of 'Mommie Dearest.'     






Above: Promotional pin for the short-lived Broadway show "An Evening With Joan Crawford," which ran for only 15 performances at NYC's Orpheum Theatre (1/28/81 to 2/8/81). The play, a musical featuring Lucifer and God battling for Joan's soul, starred Lee Sparks as Joan.



Glazed clay mask, 8 x 6 inches.               Blind cleaner


6-in. diecast model of Joan's specially made 1933 V-16 Cadillac Town Car by Fleetwood. The actual car was purchased at Hillcrest Motors in LA, where as of 1973 it's resided as part of that co.'s historic auto collection.

6-in. diecast model of Joan's specially made 1933 V-16 Cadillac Town Car by Fleetwood. Joan's actual car was black and purchased at Hillcrest Motors in LA, where as of 1973 it's resided as part of that company's historic auto collection.


          Lea Stein pin. Sold in various colors from '68 to '80 as 'Carmen' in France and as 'Joan Crawford' in the US.        Thimble made of bone china.       Pin         The 'Joan Crawford,' by Wilshire Wigs. $45. 'Also good for Andrews Sisters' (!)           Joan-n-Bette cufflinks by Benjamin James.



This is the toast that sold on eBay in Nov. '04 for $28,000. The woman's face in the toast was alleged to be the Virgin Mary's. However, in Feb. '05, the LA Times Online made a claim that the face was, indeed, Joan Crawford's!       1997 Christmas ornaments, with Stanwyck, Colbert, Loy, and Joan.      1980s wrapping paper. Thanks to David of Charlotte for the photo.      Prayer candle.     A plate, 8 inches in diameter, with 24k gold rim. EBay auction 9/04, with the description: 'Will look great on your Bitch of a Bearing Wall!'




 Above: A 1983 mailer from the Limelight disco in NYC advertising a Christmas night bash that "starts at 5:30pm and continues 'till sunrise services."

Click picture to see larger version and to read full text.








Above: A collection of 6 Joan cards. (Thanks to Robert L., who purchased these in 1983.)



  A Famous Texans poster by Richard Bartholomew. Joan is on the second row from bottom, second from left.        A mock 'Onion' article, allegedly from 1946. Click on photo to read. (2000s)




Above: Tonner dolls, issued in 2008. Click any picture to see enlargements, descriptions, prices.




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