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Joan Crawford Images: 1948



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May 1948. With the detective who returned her $50,000 brooch after she lost it at Slapsy Maxie's. Includes press snipe with full description.    August 1948, with Gertrude Michael (includes press snipe).

1948. At Don the Beachcomber with director Irving Reis, goddaughter Joan Evans, and Farley Granger.    1948. With Betty Hutton.    1948. With Betty Hutton.    Circa 1948, with Gary Cooper and Claudette Colbert.    Two candids with Cooper and Colbert.


1948. Joan with Frank Sinatra at Ciro's.    1948. With Sinatra at Ciro's.    1948. With Frank Sinatra.    1948. With Frank Sinatra.


1948, with producer Joe Schenk.    2/20/48. With lawyer Hulan Callaway at testimony against 'Possessed' lawsuit.    1948 candid.    1948 candid in car.    April 1948. With Warners publicist Lucia Perrigo at Chicago's Pump Room.    1948. Candid at Ciro's with fan.


March 1948. At the 20th annual Academy Awards with Greg Bautzer.    1948, at Ciro's with Greg Bautzer.    1948. At Ciro's with Greg Bautzer.     1948. With lawyer Greg Bautzer.    1948. A nightclub candid.


1948, with boyfriend Greg Bautzer.    1948 at Ciro's, with lawyer Greg Bautzer. In the Cadillac that she'd given him.    1948. With Greg Bautzer at Ciro's.


August 1948 with Christina and Christopher.    1948. Gazing at a portrait of Tina.    5/25/48. At the Clyde Beatty Circus with Christina and Christopher.    5/25/48. At the Clyde Beatty circus with Christina and Christopher.


1948 at home.    1948.    1948. (Thanks to Bryan Johnson.)    1948.   1948 at home.


1948 publicity by Bert Six.    1948 publicity by Bert Six.    1948. 6 shots of Joan creating her painting to benefit the Urban League. Photos shot by future director Stanley Kubrick.



The Best of Everything

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