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Joan Crawford Adopts Baby

Star Explains Mystery of Trips to New York; Child Named Christina


by Jimmie Fiddler

Originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times, May 25, 1940



A series of mysterious trips made to New York by Joan Crawford in recent weeks were explained by the film star yesterday and they were not because of a romance as reported.


These transcontinental journeys were for the purpose of adopting a baby.


Over long distance telephone from New York, Miss Crawford informed this writer that she had just completed all legal arrangements to take an infant girl from an eastern foundling home.


Miss Crawford was reluctant lo disclose the name of the orphanage, give the exact age of the baby nor any facts concerning her parentage. She has already named the infant Christina.

Friends of Miss Crawford and even her associates at the studio thought she was at Pebble Beach on a vacation. She succeeded in making her last trip east by train without her identity being discovered.


"This is why I have been making all those trips to New York,” Miss Crawford exclaimed. "People were saying I had a big romance there and I just let them say what they pleased.

"But now they know the truth— it's the baby and I don't ever remember so much happiness coming into my life in one little bundle."

Miss Crawford said she will remain in New York for a few more days when she will bring the baby back to California with a nurse to install her in a nursery already built in her home in Brentwood.

The star was twice married. First to Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and then to Franchot Tone, but she had no children by either marriage.

[Thanks to Norman for this article.]


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