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These 2 articles originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times


May 11, 1958


Joan Crawford's Son Held in Air Rifle Spree

GREEN PORT, NY -- Four youths, including the teen-aged son of Actress Joan Crawford, are in trouble with police as a result of an alleged joyride with air rifles during which a girl was injured slightly.

Arraigned were Christopher Crawford, I5, Thomas Spector, 16, Taylor Jester Jr., 23, and Jans Visker, 16. Crawford was charged with juvenile delinquency. The other three were charged with malicious mischief.

Police gave this account: The four youths went for a ride Thursday night. With air rifles they broke windows and street lights. One pellet struck Jane Raymond, 14, and chipped a front tooth. Her parents called authorities, and the youths were arrested late that night.

Young Crawford was released after arraignment in custody of Dr. Earl Loomis, a child psychiatrist with whom he has been staying.

June 29, 1958


Actress’ Adopted Son Put in School

LINDENHURST,  NY — Christopher Crawford, 15-year-old adopted son of Actress Joan Crawford, has been sent to a private school for delinquent and disturbed children.


Children’s Court Judge Franklin T. Voelker said action was taken at the request of Miss Crawford and her husband, Alfred N. Steele, president of Pepsi-Co.


The boy went before the court in May on charges of participating in a three-day shooting spree during which a young girl was slightly injured with an air rifle.


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