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These 5 articles originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times


November 10, 1935


Joan Crawford Brother in Collision Injuring Four Others

Four persons were seriously injured in a head-on collision of two cars at the top of Cahuenga Pass.

Hal Le Sueur, 32 years of age, actor-brother of Joan Crawford, screen star, figured in the spectacular crash in the pass, in which one car was burned to a charred hulk. He suffered severe cuts and bruises about the hands, face, arms and legs.

Le Sueur's car collided with a machine driven by Mr. Earl J. Gose, 45, of 6952 Ethel Avenue, North Hollywood.


Riding with Gose were his wife and a sister, Miss Grace Gose. The latter suffered injuries which police surgeons said may prove fatal. Mr. Gose and his wife also suffered serious injuries. All were taken to Hollywood Receiving Hospital.

Crumpled by the force of the collision, Mr. Gose's car caught fire. Witnesses braved the flames and pulled the injured from the blazing car.


November 13, 1935




Injuries which she received when the car in which she was riding Saturday night crashed head-on into a machine driven by Hal Le Sueur, brother of Joan Crawford, motion-picture actress, caused the death last night in the General Hospital of Miss Grace Gose, 47, of 6952 Echo Avenue, North Hollywood.

In the accident, which occurred at the top of Cahuenga Pass, Mrs. Golda Gose, 45, sister-in-law of the dead woman, received a fractured skull while Earl Gose, husband of Mrs. Gose, was severely injured. They are in the General Hospital.


Le Sueur incurred minor injuries. He told police the Gose machine swerved into the path of his car. He was not held.


November 16, 1935



Coronerís Jury Absolves Joan Crawford Brother in Auto Fatality


Returning a verdict of accidental death in the case of Miss Grace Pauline Gose, 46 years of age, of 6952 Ethel Avenue, fatally injured last Saturday in an automobile collision, a Coroner's jury yesterday exonerated Hal Hayes Le Sueur, 32, of 1037 South Ridgley Drive, of blame for the crash.

Le Sueur, brother of Joan Crawford, film actress, testified at the inquest that he was driving on Cahuenga Pass last Saturday when his car collided with one driven by Mrs. Gose. He said he was driving near the center of the high-way when the Gose machine suddenly turned from behind another car and he was unable to avoid a collision.

Mrs. Golda Gose and her husband, Earl Gose, also injured in the crash, were unable to appear at the inquest.

Mrs. Grace Gose died last Tuesday at General Hospital as the result of her Injuries.

Le Sueur was accompanied to the inquest by his mother, Mrs. Le Sueur, and his divorced wife, Kasha Le Sueur, actress.


February 27, 1936



Woman Carried Into Court on Stretcher to Testify Against Le Sueur


Doomed to crutches for the rest of her lifeóso she complainsóMrs. Golda Gose was taken yesterday into court on a hospital stretcher for prosecution of an $88,400 damage suit directed against Hal Le Sueur, screen actor and brother of Joan Crawford, film actress, and based on a motor crash.

From the stretcher, which was placed before the jury box to Superior Judge Baird's court, Mrs. Gose told the court that Le Sueur was driving on the wrong side of Cahuenga Boulevard on the evening of last November 8 when his machine collided head-on with the car in which she was riding with her husband, Earl L. Gose, North Hollywood barber.


Gose, who suffered a broken leg, asks $45,400 damages, while his wife, both of whose legs were broken and who says surgeons have advised her she probably never will walk again without the aid of crutches, demands $30,000. In addition, the couple seeks another $11,000 on the contention that they are no longer able to operate a chicken ranch.

Le Sueur not only denies responsibility for the accident, but in a cross-complaint for $10,000, charges that the crash came about through Case's negligent driving.


Gose's sister, Miss Grace Gose, suffered injuries in the accident from which she died three days later but the suit on trial does not include any claim for her death.

The trial will be resumed today.


February 28, 1936


Action Against Actor Dropped


An abrupt end was put to the trial of the $86,400 damage suit brought against Hal Le Sueur, actor and brother of Joan Crawford, screen actress, by Earl J. Gose, barber, and his wife, Golda, over a traffic crash when a settlement was  agreed upon.

The settlement, called for payment of $8500 to the Gose couple as compensation tor their injuries and also in consideration of the death of Goseís sister, Miss Grace Gose. The accident, which the Goses complained had left them permanently crippled, occurred on Cahuenga Boulevard last November 9 when can driven by Gose and by Le Sueur collided head-on.

The trial was in progress before a jury in Superior Judge Bairdís court.


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