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Das Magazin (Germany)
June 1932. Vol. 8, No. 94.

Das Theater  (Germany)


Dawn  (US)

May 1928.  That's Joan to the right on an inside page of this issue. I included the cover at left just for interest's sake.




De Film  (Holland)

March 1929.

De Film  (Holland)

January 20, 1935. No.33.

De Film  (Holland)

March 27, 1938.




Des Moines Register

Sunday Magazine (Iowa, US)

Nov. 18, 1945. "Joan Crawford Puts ItThis Way--

'I've Just Begun to Star.'"

Diavase (Greece)

December 1936.




Die Junge Dame (Germany)

Jan. 14, 1934.

Other known issues of
Die Junge Dame featuring Joan:

July 22, 1934. No. 29.

Die Junge Dame

Oct. 21, 1937. No. 43.

Diez Minutos (Spain)

June 11, 1962.





Eastman Theatre Magazine (Rochester, NY)

Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 1928. Vol. III, No. 52.



Ecran  (Chile)

Nov. 1934.

Ecran  (Chile)


Ecran  (Chile)

Aug. 10, 1943. No. 655.


Ecran  (Chile)

Aug. 26, 1947. No. 866.

Ecran  (Chile)

May 29, 1951.

Other known issues of Ecran featuring Joan:

Nov. 1947.




El Cine  (Spain)

Unknown, circa 1929.

El Cine

May 1929.

El Cine

July 14, 1932. 24 pgs.

El Cine

Feb. 16, 1933. 20 pgs.

El Cine

Feb. 1933.

El Cine

1933 (month unknown)

El Cine

July 13, 1933. 22pgs.

El Cine

May 1934. ("Dancing Lady" mentioned on cover.)

El Cine

May 17, 1934. No. 20.  (More expensive special edition

of the magazine, featuring "Dancing Lady.")



El Cine

March 1935.





El Dia Grafico (Spain)

April 24, 1930.

El Dia (Spain)

Aug. 8, 1937. No. 239.
6-pg. supplement.




El Hogar y La Moda

Dec. 1944.

El Hogar y La Moda

May 1945.

El Hogar y La Moda

Sept. 1947.




El Suplemento (Argentina)

Sept. 13, 1933.

El Suplemento  (Argentina)

March 7, 1934. Vol. XV, no. 555.

El Suplemento  (Argentina)

March 1935.




Elokuva-Aitta (Finland)

1933. No. 18.

Elokuva-Aitta (Finland)

1946. No. 13/14.

Elokuva-Aitta (Finland)

1947. No. 20.


Elokuva-Aitta (Finland)

1949. No. 17.

Elokuva-Aitta (Finland)

1957. No. 1.






Dec. 4, 1933.

Entertainment News (Riverside, CA; US)

Jan. 18, 1935. Vol. 2, No. 3.
4-pg trade pamphlet.

Entertainment Weekly (US)

Jan. 27, 2017. No. 1450. Feature on the Ryan Murphy 8-part-anthology

FX TV series Feud, starring Jessica Lange as Joan and Susan Sarandon

as Bette Davis during the making of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?



Other Entertainmant Weekly issues featuring Joan:

May 7, 1993. "Joan of Arch."

June 11, 1993. "Mementos Dearest."  Christie's auction and

Lypsinka collection.





Eva's Films Romaner (Denmark)

1931. #83. 72 pgs.
Novelization of Possessed.

Eva's Lille Films-Roman (Denmark)

1937. #150. The Bride Wore Red.

Evdomas (Greece)

July 1930.

Eve (France)

July 14, 1929.




Evening Graphic (NYC, US)

June 11, 1932.

Everybody's  (US -- a syndication of UK version)

August 7, 1938. Sunday supplement.

(Click photo to see larger image.)

Everybody's (UK)

Jan. 2, 1954.




Excelsior (Italy)

July 4, 1929. No. 28.

Excelsior (Italy)

Nov. 28, 1929. No. 49.

Excelsior (Italy)

March 1933. Supplement.

Excelsior (Italy)

Sept. 20, 1933. 16 pgs.




Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World (US)

October 20, 1928.



"D" articles only or no cover photo yet available.

(Click on underlined articles to read.)


Dallas Morning News

Nov. 22 and Nov. 25, 1963:  3 articles around the time of the Kennedy assassination.

The Dance  (NY)

    Jan. 1928. Vol. 9, No. 3. "Joan Crawford: A Dancing Delegate to Hollywood."

    Sept. 1930: "The Mirror of Her Selves."

Daytime TV Stars  (Feb. 1973)



"E" articles only or no cover photo yet available.

(Click on underlined articles to read.)


 Epoca  (Nov. 29, 1959)

 The Era

July 22, 1931. Vol. 1, No. 13. 16-pg. weekly UK newspaper supplement.


 March 1952. Vol. 2, No. 3. "I Chose a Wonderful Family."

 Exposed  (1955, No. 2)



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