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Gente (Italy)

1985.  7-page supplement.

Girls' Cinema (UK)

March 12, 1927.

Girls' Cinema (UK)

Sept. 12, 1931. No. 569. Vol. 22.




Golden Screen  (US)

October 1930s (exact year unknown)

Cover illustration by Vargas.

Golondrina  (Spain)

1936. No. 47. 12 pgs.


June 10, 1932





Hamburger Illustrierte
(Hamburg, Germany)

December 1, 1928. No. 48. Featuring 'Johanna Crawford.'




Hebdo (France)

June 1932

Hebdo (France)

Nov.  22, 1935. No. 137.

Hebdo (France)

July 23, 1937. No. 294.

Hebdo (France)

August 1947

Hebdo Roman (France)

March 1960. "Sudden Fear"
feature: When Love is Comedy




Hela Varlden  (Sweden)

1933. No. 10.

Hela Varlden  (Sweden)

1944. No. 27.

Hele Verden  (unknown)

March 19, 1933.




Hollywood  (US)

January 1930. 32 pages.

Hollywood  (US)

January 1932.

Hollywood  (US)

Sept. 1936.

"Joan Crawford Talks About
Bob Taylor."

Hollywood  (US)

April 1940.  "Joan Crawford's 'Houseguest.'" (feature re Joan's

niece Joanie LeSueur)




Other known issues of Hollywood featuring Joan:


Jan. 1931

March 1933

Nov. 1933. Vol. XXII, No. 11

July 1934. "I Don't Want to Marry."

Aug. 1935. "What Is Joan Crawford Really Like?"

March 1937. "Last of Mrs. Cheyney."

Nov. 1937. Joan and Robert Montgomery.

Feb. 1938. "It's Undeclared War.'

Sept. 1939. "Hollywood Wrecked My Marriages."

Jan. 1941. "An Open Letter to  Ed Sullivan from Joan Crawford"

June 1941. "Joan Crawford's Most Daring Role." 





Hollywood  (Italy)

August 9, 1947.  #32. 16 pgs.

Hollywood  (Italy)

November 29, 1947.  #48. 16 pgs.

Hollywood  (Italy)

February 9, 1949.  #178. 16 pgs.


Hollywood  (Italy)

April 9, 1949. 16 pgs.

Hollywood  (Italy)

October 14, 1950.  #265.





Hollywood Reporter (US)

March 8, 1946. 45 pages.

Joan's Oscar win.

Hollwood Reporter (US)

June 24, 1977. Tribute issue.

Hollywood Revue  (US)

May 1931.

Hollywood Star  (US)

July 2, 1932.





Hollywood Studio Magazine  (US)

August 1977. Collection of photos, plus article on

"Crawford Fan -- His home a museum."

Hollywood Studio Magazine  (US)

July 1987. Vol. 20, No. 7.



Other known issues of Hollywood Studio Magazine
featuring Joan:


August 1983. "The Lovely Side of Crawford!"

August and Sept. 1992. By Carl Johnes.
 "Why Joan Crawford won't go away" 


Hollywood Vagabond (US)

May 13, 1927. Vol. I, No. 14. "Little Girl in a Big City."





I Magnifi Di Hollywood (Italy)


Idolos Del Cine





Ilustrado  (Mexico)

July 28, 1932.

Ilustrado  (Mexico)

August 18, 1932.

Ilustrado (Mexico)

Feb. 9, 1933.


Ilustrado  (Mexico)

Jan. 21, 1937. 16 pgs.

Ilustrado  (Mexico)

April 29, 1937.





Illustrated  (UK)

March 12, 1953. "The Story I Have
Never Told."

Imagem  (Portugal)

1931. No. 23.

Imagem  (Portugal)

1932. No. 51.

Imagem  (Portugal)

1933. No. 79.





Sept. 1947.


Nov. 12, 1930. 28 pgs.




Inspektor Kennedy  (Germany)

1970. No. 235. Trog scene on cover.

International Photographer

August 1944.

Invicta Cine  (Portugal)

1932. Ano X, No. 178.

Io Vivo La Mia Vita

1936. I Live My Life feature.



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"G" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available:


The Gentlewoman

September 1930.  Vol. 59, No. 9.  Article: "The Other Man's Wife," with photo of Joan and Johnny Mack Brown.

August 1935.

November 1936.

Globe   (July 2005)  "The Real Joan Crawford."  Two-page interview with Joan's grandson Casey LaLonde. Includes photos.

Good Housekeeping   (July 1962)  Head only on cover: "From the Coming Big Book: Joan Crawford Tells Her Own Amazing Life Story." Article includes photos.

Grafic (June 4, 1950)   Chicago Sunday Tribune weekend magazine. Article: "Joan of Arts."



"H" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available:


Harper's Bazaar (November 1940)  Article with full page photo: "Which Fur Are You?" (Joan is "leopard.")

Hollywood Family Album   (July - September 1951)  Vol. 1, No. 6.

Hollywood Life Stories (Annual)  (1953)  Cover head re Joan: "The Secret Chapter in Her Life."
12-page article with picture: "She Ran All the Way."

Hollywood Love Life Annual (1955)   Vol. 1, No. 1.

Hollywood Movie Novels  (August 1933)  Article: "The Untold Story of Joan Crawford's Past."  Vol. 22, No. 8.

Hollywood Screen Parade  (September 1960)



"I" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available:

Inside Story   (June 1955)   "Why Joan Crawford Lost Seven Lovers"

Interview   (October 1978)













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