A 7 x 13-feet mural commissioned by Paul Bern from Russian artist V. Ignatieff as a gift to Bern's new bride Jean Harlow in 1932. 


In April 2006 the mural was put up for auction on eBay by Bill Lewis, in whose family the mural had been since '32; asking price: $380, 000. These photos are all from the eBay auction site. Please see Lewis's site www.JeanHarlowMural.com  for more photos of and  information on the mural.


And thanks to Lisa Burks' Harlow site: www.lisaburks.com/jeanharlow/   and Burks' blog: http://lisaburks.livejournal.com/   for breaking the news of the mural and these photos to me.


Closeup of the mural: Joan, Irving Thalberg, Jean Harlow, Irene Selznick.

Mural closeup: David Selznick, Norma Shearer, Joan.

A Who's Who of the mural. Instrux say to begin lower LEFT, but should instead say lower RIGHT, proceeding counter-clockwise.

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