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March 18, 1933



Separation of Young Movie Couple Is Announced— Divorce Plan Denied.


Miss Crawford Says Alienation Charge Has No Connection with Rift—Will Aid Husband


Special to THE NEW YORK TIMES. LOS ANGELES, March 17.—Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. separated tonight. Announcement of the parting was made at Miss Crawford's home in Brentwood.

Divorce proceedings are not contemplated, Miss Crawford said. Mr. Fairbanks is hopeful of a reconciliation.

The marital split followed the filing of a $60,000 damage suit, in which Mr. Fairbanks is accused by Jorgan Dietz of alienating the affections of his wife and of false imprisonment.

Miss Crawford declared that the Dietz charges had nothing to do with her separation from her husband and that she would aid him in fighting them. "I want it definitely understood that these damage actions against Douglas have nothing to do with the decision to separate," she said. "I have known about the Dietz case all along. I have discussed the matter with Douglas. The charges are utterly ridiculous. If it comes to a point where I can aid him by appearing in court, I will go there without hesitation.

"We have discussed doing this for the past year. It is merely a case of two people being unable to get along together. It is the only brave thing tor us to do. When two people are unable to get along, the right thing to do is" to part.

"We will be able to learn whether it is best to continue to live apart or to kiss and make up and get back together again."

Mr. Fairbanks said he would set out to re-woo Miss Crawford. They were married in New York June 3, 1929.

"There is no other woman in the world for me," Mr. Fairbanks said, "and I feel sure this is only temporary. This is not like other separations, for we are still in love."

The couple declared the separation actually took place about a year ago. They continued to live under the same roof and to deny reports that they had come to a parting because of their careers and the attendant publicity.

The Dietz suit against young Fairbanks will be settled in a civil action in Superior Court, it was announced today.

Dietz, former husband of Solveig  Deitz, Danish actress, who brought the suit against the actor, and Lucy Doraine, German screen actress, are accused by Mr. Fairbanks of directing a scheme to get money from him. No prosecution in the case has been requested, according to Burton Fitts, District Attorney,

Mr. Fairbanks, through his manager, Michael Levee, announced today that he would fight the Dietz suits.

[Thanks to Norman for providing this article.]