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Jorge Delano ("Coke")

(on the set of 1930's Paid)


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1930. On the 'Paid' set with Chilean artist Jorge Delano.

1930. A second version of the 'Coke' painting of Joan.

1930. Joan Crawford painting by 'Coke' of Chile.

NOTE: Thanks to Gustavo Rieder from Chile for passing along more info on the man in the photo with Joan. The man is Jorge Delano, also known as "Coke," a Chilean artist, writer, director, and journalist who worked in Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s. (Delano was also a 4th cousin of the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.) On November 17, 1930, Delano had an exhibition of his cartoons at Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel. Delano mentions in his biography that many stars, such as Buster Keaton, wanted to buy his work, but he refused, wanting to take his work back to Chile... Except in the case of Joan: "How could I receive money from a woman with eyes like her?"

Joan Crawford Images: 1930


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