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Joan Crawford Awards


Below, you'll first see Joan's biggies: her Oscar for Mildred Pierce and 1969 Golden Globe.

Then, two press awards (Dallas 1968 and LA 1939) from the collection of Ryun Johnston, plus Joan in the '60s with an unknown award.

Following these are 21 items from the Brandeis Joan Crawford Awards Collection, which Joan donated to the university in 1966, 1968, and 1973.


Sold by daughter Cathy LaLonde. 11-3/4 in tall. (Thanks to Bryan Johnson for the photo.)

Above: Joan's Oscar for Mildred Pierce. Height: 13.25 in (including base of black Belgian marble). Weight: 6 lbs, 2 oz.. Sold at Christie's auction by daughter Cathy LaLonde in June 1993 for $68,500. Sold at Nate D. Sanders auction September 25, 2012, for $426,732.

Above: Joan's 1969 Golden Globe. 11-3/4 in. tall. Offered at auction by Doyle New York on 12/7/11 and sold for $25,000.



Above: Joan's 1968 "Katie" award from the Dallas Press Club.  Below:  The Katie award today, an aesthetically gorgeous display from the personal collection of Ryun E. Johnston.

Joan Crawford's 1968 Katie award. From the collection of Ryun E. Johnston.


Below: Also from the personal collection of Ryun E. Johnston: A silver box received by Joan in 1939 on the set of Strange Cargo

as an award from fan magazine photographers for being "Most Cooperative." (For a closer look at the photo pictured below on Ryun's table, click here.)


Below: With unknown award.



 Brandeis Joan Crawford Awards Collection


Intro text excerpted from the Brandeis Special Collections Spotlight Facebook page post (6/28/13):

The Joan Crawford Awards collection held at the Robert D. Farber University Archives & Special Collections Department contains twenty-four awards from theatre, community, and business groups, given to Crawford between 1948 and 1965. The collection was donated to Brandeis in three gifts during Crawford’s lifetime (1966, 1968, and 1973)....Crawford came to Brandeis in the 1960s in support of the arts program. The Joan Crawford Dance Studio was dedicated within the Spingold Theater Arts Center in 1965, to foster dance education at the university. The awards in this collection were put on display in the studio. In the late 1960s, Crawford was elected as a Brandeis University Fellow. A letter of invitation to her induction dinner states that Crawford was elected as a Brandeis Fellow “given her interest, time and service to a host of civic and philanthropic causes which has endeared her to a large public that goes well beyond the pale of the entertainment industry.”...The eclectic awards represented in this collection illuminate an aspect of Joan Crawford’s work that is often eclipsed by her acting career and her complicated personal legacy.


Complete List of Awards Housed at Brandeis

(Shaded text indicates award not pictured below; see the Brandeis Joan Crawford Awards Collection page for complete info.)

Theater     Community     Business

Theater Awards


Community Awards


Business Awards


Theater Awards


"Alltalia a Joan Crawford XI Rassegna

Cinematografica Messina-Taormina," undated.

"The First Tap Shoe to Feel the Touch of 'Our Dancing Lady,'" undated.

F.R.C.F.C., c. 1950


5-Year Laurel Award for a "Topliner Dramatic Role"

for her performance in Sudden Fear. This Exhibitor Award is the

"official certification" that "carries with it the appreciation of the

Theatre Industry for a job well done," 1948-1953.

Laurel Award in 1952 for her performance in Sudden Fear.

1953-54 Laurel Award for a "Topliner Musical Role" in Torch Song.


Photoplay Magazine Award for her performance in The Damned Don't Cry.

This award honors Crawford for giving "one of America's five most popular

performances by a motion picture actress," 1950.

Photoplay Magazine Award for Sudden Fear for giving "one of America's five most popular performances by a motion picture actress," 1952.


Fur Fashion Woman of the Year by the Master Furriers Guild of America "in recognition of her contribution to fashions in furs throughout her screen career," 1954.

The first Golden Shutter Award presented at Universal-International Studios on January 31, 1955, by the Los Angeles Press Photographers Association. The award named Crawford as "the ideal photographic subject, perfectly developed and always in focus."

The first annual award of merit by the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers for Crawford's "outstanding contributions to the Motion Picture Industry." Award presented

April 26, 1963, at the Hotel Del Coronado.



Community Awards



Award for supporting the Texas Theatres Crippled

Children's Fund, presented on November 5, 1952, by the Gonzales  Warm Springs Foundation, in association with

the Texas Council for Motion Picture Organizations.

Click here for larger image and text.

 Hebrew-English Bible presented by the United Jewish Appeal in October 1959.


Presented January 11, 1960, at the Variety Club of Philadelphia's 25th anniversary celebration, for being an "outstanding box office attraction, motion picture star, and dedicated friend of Variety."

Presented by the Carbonated Beverage Syrup and Allied Trades Division of the United Jewish Appeal of Greater New York on

May 18, 1960. This document describes Crawford as "an almost

legendary figure in the motion picture world."

Click here for larger image and text.

City of Hope Award presented on July 10, 1963, at the

"Night of Stars" at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California

in appreciation of Crawford's donation of time and funds

to the City of Hope Hospital in California,

a research center for life-threatening diseases.


The Honorary Hoosier Award from the Indiana Pepsi-Cola Bottlers Association on January 8, 1964, presented "in recognition of her distinguished contributions to the arts and the business world and for her great devotion to humanitarian causes."

USO Woman of the Year medal presented by the

New York City USO Committee. Joan was designated

as the first Woman of the Year in 1965 for her

accomplishments as an actress, executive, and humanitarian.

Heart of the World Award, the second award presented to Joan by

California's City of Hope Hospital, July 14, 1965.



Business Awards


The Philadelphia Club of Advertising Women presented this award on March 22, 1963,

listing Joan's many talents and accomplishments, including the publication of her autobiography,

her role at Pepsi-Cola Corporation, and, of course, her movie career.

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