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Joan Crawford Collectibles


On this page are vintage Joan items from her early career through 1977 (the year of her death), divided into two categories:


Endorsed Products      Other



See also 2 other separate pages of collectibles:



(post-1977 items, including movie memorabilia)



(cigarette cards, matchbook covers, etc.)


For Joan's personal belongings, see these separate pages:



See also this list of 2011 Doyle Auction results.




Endorsed Products

A 1930s college pennant. 4.25 inches long.      Banner displayed at movie theaters for silent-movie showings (c. late '20s/early '30s).

Above: A college pendant, and a movie theater banner.


Photo courtesy of Rick/Stairway to the Stars.    Thanks to Rick of Stairway to the Stars for the photo.

Above: This one-of-a-kind 11-inch doll (wire, cloth, oil-painted face, jewelled shoes) was created in 1933 by artist Mary Green for Daniel Blum, editor of Screen World magazine. After Blum's death in 1965, many of Green's dolls were auctioned off. This Joan doll was sold at Butterfields, in LA, about a dozen years ago as part of the Dore Freeman Estate. (Thanks to Rick of "Stairway to the Stars" for the doll's history and for the photos. At right is a shot from Hurrell's February 1933 session with Joan that inspired the doll.)




1933 laundry ticket out of New Haven, Connecticut, publicizing 'Dancing Lady.'        1935. Hollywood Soap.                


Above: US laundry ticket, US soap card, and US weight/fortune card.



  A 7 x 7 Scotch Shortbread tin by John Trent, Ltd., Leyton.        A pin from Pender Breads.       Pifco Floralites, 1930s

Above:  Scotch shortbread tin; a pin from Pender breads; Pifco Floralites.





Above: Two grooming kits from the 1930s. A Hasbro dresser set for girls, and a travel kit for men.



Above: 1930s "school scribbler" blank school notebook featuring Joan and Robert Montgomery in the decadent Letty Lynton.




Above: Joan one of 16 "Movie Star Lamps" available in 1934.



Movie-Land Keeno




This game was first issued by Wilder Manufacturing in 1929. A set consisted of 8 large keeno cards (7" x 8.75") on heavy stock and a deck of 48 "calling cards" (2.25" x 3.25").
The first two cards shown here are from the 1929 game. The other two are from a later '30s edition.
here to visit a site with Keeno instructions and other stars' cards.



Secrets Playing Cards



Mini playing cards issued by the UK's Secrets magazine in 1935. Cards were 1-1/4" by 1-3/4".



Film Fantasy Card Game



Issued by MGM in 1939. The deck had 45 cards (4 each from 11 different films, with the joker, appropriately, from "Ice Follies of 1939")

Card size: 2-5/8" x 3-1/2".





 This 101-piece puzzle (10-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches) was released by Midwest Distributors, Inc.,  in 1932 to promote "Rain."
From left: Cover of box, back cover, puzzle.




Above:  Part of 1930s "Movie Stars Progressive Tally Set." Click on image to see full set of 8 and instructions.



1933 paper dolls.       1930s paper dolls.    Cardboard stand-up from a Quaker Oats mail-in offer. To promote 1935's 'I Live My Life.' 7-1/4 inches high.    A 1938 Hamilton gum card, #18. From Canada.


A hanky promoting 'Ice Follies of 1939.'      

 Above:  A handkerchief and a pin promoting Ice Follies of 1939.


Above:  A Joan Crawford fan-club 'zine from 1938. (Thanks to Chris Wilmore, from his personal collection.)


Below: Fan-club 'zine edited by Edith Clemens that debuted in 1944. Click on cover below to view selected covers and pages from 1945 to 1950.






   1947 St. Louis, Missouri, bus pass promoting 'Possessed.'  

Above: 1943 and 1947 weekly transit passes from St. Louis, Missouri, featuring Above Suspicion and Possessed.



Peter Pan bra, early '50s: 'It's smart to start with a flattering bra.'           1951 dress pattern.





Above: Pepsi salt-and-pepper shakers handed out at a 1955 appearance by Joan at a Topeka, Kansas, Pepsi bottler's plant.






Above: Booklet accompanying the February 23, 1963, Pepsi bottlers banquet that honored Joan with the "Pally Award."




A 1972 promotional brochure for Joan's last TV appearance, 'The Sixth Sense.' Note the 'Joan Crawford Steele: Director' and Pepsi logo at the bottom of the card.    The inside of 'Sixth Sense' promo brochure.

Above: A 1972 promotional brochure for Joan's last TV appearance, The Sixth Sense.

Note the "Joan Crawford Steele: Director" and Pepsi logo at the bottom left of the card. 





Above:  A fan from True Story magazine featuring Joan, distributed to US drugstores in 1928.


Above: A 1929 calendar with image, from the Calgary Eye Opener newspaper.



      Tijuana bible.       1930s Tijuana bible.

 Above are 6 different Tijuana Bible covers featuring Joan. Tijuana Bibles originated in the 1920s (and were produced through the '50s) and featured
popular stars, comic-book characters, politicians, etc., in crude pornographic situations. They were usually 2.75 x 4.25 inches and 8 pages long.

To see inside pages of some of these Tijuana Bibles, click HERE.  Warning: These are sexually explicit drawings, so don't click if you're shy and/or a minor.



A creepy 22-inch-high puppet from the 1930s, by Everett Burgess.                 A weird figure from 1935. Material, size unknown.


December 1938 ad for Joan's used Cadillac.

A 1935 "Seein' Stars" newspaper strip by Feg Murray. The caption beneath Joan's picture reads: "The 'Rhapsody in Blue'--Joan Crawford, who has affected woman's styles more than any other star, has only one dress that isn't some shade of blue."



A menu (autographed by Joan and husband Doug) from a 7/15/32 luncheon at the Savoy Hotel in Joan's honor.         New Year's Eve 1937 menu from NYC's The Colony restaurant. Signed by Joan, Franchot, and Franchot's mother.


  The front of a postcard that Joan sent to her mother, circa 1944. The picture to the right shows the message on the back of the card.    A postcard from Joan to her mother, circa 1944. 'Hello Mom. Jack is at the Canteen and thinking of you.'  Signed by Joan, new husband Phillip Terry, and Walter Brennan.



Above: Joan mask by Doane Powell (1930s). See the Nebraska State Historical Society site for more photos and info on the artist and his creations.





Above:  1945 ceramic Mildred Pierce mug created by Don Barclay. 5-3/4 inches by 5-3/4 inches.




Above:  Three views of a resin life mask sculpted during pre-production for 1970's Trog.




1950s, from the collection of Bergdorf-Goodman hair stylist Robert Champion. Auctioned in 2005.




Above: A card that Joan sent to friends, year unknown. (Thanks to Bryan Johnson.)




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