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At the top of the page are matchbook covers.

Following are cigarette cards:      Germany    UK     Other Countries 


Matchbook Covers

Above: 1937 matchbooks from Diamond Match Co, NYC.


               Matches handed out at the Hollywood Canteen during WWII.


Above left: US Loew's Century theater promo for When Ladies Meet. Above right: US Joan gift matches from the Hollywood Canteen.

Below , from left: US "Raleigh 903" promo; US Loew's Susan and God promo; Cuban matchbox.

                           Cuban matchbox. Circa 1933.


Cigarette Cards

Germany      UK      Other Countries

Further info: The Movie Card Website has an extensive list of cards from various countries (though you can't search by star).

One site for UK cards is London Cigarette Card Co.
One site for German cards is
German Cards.



 German Cards

Aurelia     Bergmann    Brinkmann     Caid     Garbaty     Jasmatzi     Josetti     Monopol     Rothman    Union



























Company/Brand: Aurelia


Above: 1936. "Filmsterne" series. No. 19 of 200. 2-1/16 x 2-7/16 inches. Packaged in Sultan cigarettes.



Company/Brand: Bergmann




Above: 1934. "Farb-Filmbilder" series. 2.8 x 2.3 inches.



Company/Brand: Brinkmann





Above: 1936. "Bunte Filmbilder" series. No. 129. 33 x 60 mm.





Above: 1936. "Bunte Filmbilder" series. No. 196. 33 x 60 mm.




Above: 1936. "Bunte Filmbilder" series. No. 372. 33 x 60 mm.




Company/Brand: Caid


Above: Early 1930s. 1.375 x 2.375 inches.



 Above: Early 1930s. No. 245 of 360.





Company/Brand: Garbaty



Above:  1934. No. 150 of 300 of the "Moderne Schoenheitsgalerie" (Series 1).  2-1/16 by 2-7/16 inches (51 mm by 62 mm).



Above: 1934. No. 67 of the "Moderne Schoenheitsgalerie" (Series 2).



 Above: 1934. No. 68 of of the "Moderne Schoenheitsgalerie" (Series 2).



Above:  1934. No. 69 of the "Moderne Schoenheitsgalerie" (Series 2).


Above: 1937. No. 124 of 200 of the "Film-Lieblinge" (Film Favorites) series.

One of 40 large cards in the series (the other 160, standard size). Distrbuted in Passion cigarette packs.




Company/Brand: Jasmatzi



Above: 1931. "Hansom Filmbilder" series. No.168. 2-1/16 x 3 inches.





Above:  1932. "Ramses Film-Fotos" series. No. 193.





Company/Brand: Josetti


From the 1931 "Filmbilder" series. All 1-1/2 x 2-3/8 in. Inserted in packs of Juno and Vera cigarettes.

Bottom left card (w' Nils Asther)): No. 776. Bottom right card: No. 619.





Company/Brand: Monopol

  Joan-husband Franchot Tone

Above: 1937. Part of 200-card "Kuenstler im Film" ("Artists in Film") series. Inserted into Rimalti Privat and Merkur Rund brands.  2.25 x 2.5 inches.



Company/Brand: Rothman




1939. "Beauties of the Cinema" series.


Company/Brand: Union


1937. Part of 100-card "Beruhmte Filmkuenstler:Film Grossbilder" ("Famous film artists: Large film pictures") series.



Unknown German Cards




UK Cards

Abdulla    Ardath    BAT    Carreras    De Reszke    Gallaher    Godfrey Phillips   Hill   Lloyd    Mitchell

Ogden    Player    Sarony    Scerri    Sinclair    Summit    Wills    Wix



Company/Brand: Abdulla



Above:  1932. "Cinema Stars" series. No. 50 of 52.



Company/Brand: Ardath



 Above: 1934. "Famous Film Stars" series. No. 49 of 50.



 Ardath #14. 'Film, Stage, and Radio Stars.'  1938. 'Photocards' series.   

Above left: 1935. No. 14 in the "Film, State and Radio Stars" series.

Above center: 1938. Part of the "Photocards" series. Packaged with kings cigarettes in packs of 10. Text of card: Attractive, auburn-haired Joan Crawford, one of screenland's foremost modern actresses, has played many widely-varied roles. Her first talkie, "Untamed," was appropriately titled, as her ardent devotion to the art invariably reflects her care-free and tempestuous spirit. This film planted her firmly on the road to fame. Born in Texas, she is married to the popular star, Franchot Tone. She has appeared in "The Gorgeous Hussy," "Love on the Run," "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney," "The Bride Wore Red," and "Mannequin."

Above right: 1939 (?)



Above:  1936. No. 12 of the "Who Is This?" series.


Company/Brand: BAT (British American Tobacco)




Above: 1927. "Cinema Stars" series. No. 111.




Above: 1935. No. 48. 1-3/8 x 2-5/8 inches.

Company/Brand: Carreras


     Carreras, 1938.

 Above left: 2-1/2 x 2-3/4 inches.  Above right: 1938.





Above:  1934. "Film Stars" series. No. 40 of 72.  





Above left: 1935. "Famous Film Stars" series. No. 34 of 96.  Above right: 1935. "Famous Film Stars" series. No. 88 of 96.





 Above: 1936. "Film Stars," 1st series. No. 49 of 50.


Below left: "Film Favourites." No. 2 of 50.  Below right: "Film Stars," 2nd series. No. 12 of 54.




Company/Brand: De Reszke

No. 23 of 24-card set.



 Company/Brand: Gallaher



Above:  1934.  No. 7 of  "Champions of Screen & Stage" series of 48.




Above:  1935. No. 14 of "Famous Film Scenes" series of 48.




Above:  1935. "Film Partners" series of 48. Left:  No. 10 (Today We Live).  Right:  No. 11 (Forsaking All Others).




Above:  1935. No. 24 of "Shots from Famous Films" series of 48.




Above:  1939. No. 18 of "My Favourite Part" series of 48. 1-1/2 by 2-1/2 inches.



Company/Brand: Godfrey Phillips



Above:  "Stage and Cinema Beauties" series.  Left: 1933. No. 9 of 35.  Right: 1935. No. 11 of 50.




Above:  "Stars of the Screen" series. Left: 1934. No. 18 of 54.  Right: 1936. No. 9 of 48.




Above:  1936. "Screen Stars" (Series B). No. 44 of 48.








Above:  1939. "Famous Love Scenes" series.

Top: The Bride Wore Red (no. 5 of 36). Middle: The Gorgeous Hussy (no. 13 of 36). Bottom: Mannequin (no. 17 of 36).




Company/Brand: R. and J. Hill




Above:  1936. "Cinema Celebrities" series. No. 9 of 35.




Above: 1939. "Modern Beauties" series. Part of set of 50. 2-1/2 x 3-3/4 inches.


Company/Brand: Lloyd


Nos. 1 and 17 from the "Cinema Stars" series of 25. (The photo at right, with same back text, also appeared in the 1935 Lloyd Series 2, No. 46.)





Company/Brand: Mitchell



Above:  1939. "Stars of Screen & History" series. No. 8 of 25.



Company/Brand: Ogden



Above: 1936. "Shots from the Films" series of caricatures. No. 23 of 50.


Company/Brand: Player


Left card: 1934. "Film Stars" Series 1, no.12 (of 50).   Right card: 1938. "Film Stars" Series 3, no. 9 (of 50).




Company/Brand: Sarony


1930s (c. 1932). No. 20 of 50 from the "Cinema Stars" series.


Company/Brand: Scerri

1931. Part of the "Cinema Artists" series. Size: 1.625" x 2.375"


Company/Brand: Sinclair




Both cards from the "Film Stars" series; at left with Franchot Tone is no. 57.


Company/Brand: Summit


"Screen Lovers" series. No. 42 of 48.




Company: Wills


Wills company, 1920s.                       


Above left:  Unknown 20s. No. 97 of the "Famous Film Stars" series. 5 cm x 7 cm.

Above center:  1928. "Film Favourites" series. No. 11 of 75.

Above right:  1931. "Cinema Stars" 3rd series. No. 27 of 50. From Our Blushing Brides.



Company: Wix



Above:  1929. Part of 25-card set "Famous Films Third Series." Nos. 2, 5, 20, and  23. 1-9/16 x 2-9/16 inches.

Below:  1939. "Film Favourites" 3rd series of 100. Nos. 16 and 47.




Unknown UK Cards





Other Countries

Chile      Cuba      Egypt     Holland    Uruguay



General info on Chilean cig cards.



2a Serie, No. 30.   Serie 11, No. 5. No More Ladies.


Serie 12. No. 29. I Live My Life.


Serie 12. No. 40. I Live My Life.


Company/Brand:  Chilena Tobacco Company (La Ideal)






Company/Brand: La Corona Aguilitas y Susina/ Tabacalera Cubana, Habana

Year: 1936 or 1938

Other info: Card #53








Above: Early '30s from the Toccos company.







Above: 1933.




1920s cards: "Crack" brand by the Julio Mailhos Co. Size: 63 x 48 mm.












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