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Joan Crawford in Magazines/Papers



1946. On the set of 'Humoresque' with a 2/6/46 'Picturegoer' featuring herself on the cover.From the 1920s to the present, Joan Crawford has appeared in hundreds of American and international magazines and newspapers, which are listed alphabetically below. Click on the pink letters to go to that page. The pages include (if available) the date of the article, cover photo, and any additional information such as article length, etc.


Following the list of publications below is a list of the article transcripts currently available, many accompanied by the original photographs.




Note re listings: To simplify things (for me at least), foreign magazines are listed alphabetically by the very first letter of the title, even if it's an article like der/die/das or la/le/l'. So, while a German-speaker might look under "J" for "Die Junge Dame," I've actually listed that magazine under "D." Conversely, when it comes to English-language titles, I've not used the initial article "The"---so "The Pepsi-Cola World," for instance, is listed under "P."




Click on main alpha heading or publication title to view.

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Transcripts and Scans


Click on date to read the article.



After Dark

December 1978: In-depth Radie Harris post-Mommie Dearest interview with Christina.

American Home

March 1946: Feature on Joan's East End Ave. apartment in NYC, with photos.

American Weekly

February 25, 1951:  "Indomitable Joan Crawford" by Adela Rogers St. Johns.

Architectural Digest

April 1990: Article on Joan's Brentwood home, with photos.

Chicago Tribune

January 5, 1927: Joan's old beau Mike Cudahy gets arrested while running off to get married.

September 23, 1962: Interview with Christina on the set of Dr. Kildare.

September 8, 1968: Review of new Joan films book by Quirk and overview of her career.


January 1957: "Joan Crawford and the Handsome Bartender!"


April 1951: "The Last of the Movie Queens." Snarky but still revealing look at Joan as Movie Star.

Dallas Morning News

November 22 / 25, 1963: Three articles around the time of the Kennedy assassination.

Entertainment Weekly

May 7 and June 11, 1993: Two articles, the second with Lypsinka pics, promoting upcoming auctions of Joan belongings at Christie's.


March 1952: "I Chose a Wonderful Family." Joan on adopting  and disciplining kids.

Film Pictorial

June 6, 1936: "Has Marriage Helped Joan Crawford?" Jerry Asher on the Joan/Franchot marriage.


July 2005: Two-page article, with photos, featuring Joan's grandson Casey LaLonde.


August 1935: "What Is Joan Crawford Really Like?" By Jerry Asher.

September 1936: "Joan Crawford Talks About Bob Taylor!"

January 1941: Joan's open--and sarcastically witty-- letter to Ed Sullivan, responding to his criticism.

Hollywood Studio Magazine

August 1983:  "The Lovely Side of Crawford!"

August / September 1992: "Why Joan Crawford Won't Go Away." Two-part article by biographer and friend Carl Johnes on the "Mommie Dearest" backstory and Joan's legacy.

Hollywood Vagabond

      May 12, 1927: "Little Girl in a Big City."

Jane Magazine

Date unknown:  A one-page color photo montage of Joan from childhood through the '70s.

Lady's Circle

May 1972: Joan speaks in-depth of life post-Al and...we also learn how to knit an Afghan!

Laredo Times

June 28, 1936: "A Close-Up of the Hardest Working Star in Pictures."


March 1, 1937: "Joan Crawford: Mrs. Tone at Home." Pictorial from youth to life with Franchot.

June 23, 1947: "The Second Rise of Joan Crawford." Her Warners comeback.

February 21, 1964: "A Well-Planned Crawford." (Link to Google copy of article, starting on p. 11.)

October 15, 1971: "Parting Shots" interview, promoting My Way of Life.

Long Beach Independent

June 27, 1950: Joan explains to men "10 ways to lose a girl."


September 26, 1939: "My Past, Present, and Future by Joan Crawford."

January 30, 1951: "How They Stay Glamorous After Forty." Joan one of 9 featured female stars.

Los Angeles Evening Herald

August 2, 1930: Interview with Joan to publicize Our Blushing Brides, re being fed up with dancing roles.

Los Angeles Times [Thanks to Norman for almost all of the LA Times articles.]

1925: September 5 / October 25: Announcement of Joan's new name / "Another Texas Girl Succeeds in Hollywood."

1926: May 5 / June 8 / November 28:  "Young Cudahy's Mother Warns of Annulment" / "Love Knot Untied By Fair Joan" / "BOO-HOO! She Weeps to Order."

1928: September 28: Doug Fairbanks, Jr., helps Joan move.

1929: June 4 / August 25 / August 29:  "Young Doug Weds Joan" / Joan on Our Modern Maidens and life with new husband Doug / Joan's brother Hal divorces wife.

1933: December 31: "Joan Wants Baby Much More Than Husband."

1935/1936: Five articles on a car crash and its aftermath involving Joan's brother Hal LeSueur.

1935: October 14 / November 24: "Joan Crawford Weds Tone in Secret Rite" / "Franchot Tone More Than Just 'Man Joan Married.'"

1937: January 24: Death of Marie Prevost, with Joan loan found on site.

1939: March 29 / May 21:  "Crawford Divorce Plea Hits Snag" / "The Joan Crawford No One Knows."

1940: May 25: "Joan Crawford Adopts Baby."

1945/1946: Notices of separation and divorce from Phillip Terry.

1948: May 28 / December 26: "Joan Crawford's Lost $50,000 Brooch Found" / "Joan Crawford Wins Her Battle to Play Role of Schoolteacher" (Both articles also mention boyfriend Greg Bautzer.)

1955: August 10: Joan denies rift with husband Al Steele.

1958: May 11 / June 29:  Son Chris arraigned, sent to school for delinquents.

1959: May 7:  Joan appointed to Pepsi board of directors.

1962: September 16: "Bette and Joan: No Collision Course for Hollywood Stars."

1963: May 9: "Joan Crawford Brother Dies in Obscurity."

1977: May 15: Tribute to Joan.

1977: November 19: "2 Joan Crawford Children Sue to Invalidate Will."

1978: October 29: "Like Daughter, Like Son Chris."

Mansfield, Ohio, News Journal

Sept. 30, 1972: "Grand Hollywood Dame Defeats Years."

Modern Knitting

Spring 1949. 2-page spread with photo featuring Joan's Ribbon Dress.

Modern Screen

February 1932: Articles on whether or not Joan and Doug are fooling around, plus what Joan would do had she one day to live.

May 1933: "The Separation of Joan and Doug," by Katherine Albert.

November 1948: Restaurateur Prince Michael Romanoff visits Joan's Brentwood home.

November 1951:  "What Men Have Done to Me," by Joan Crawford.

August 1955: "Someone to Watch Over Me." Joan's new marriage to Al Steele.

1970: "Cooking with a Star."
August 1977: Remembrance by Dorothy Manners.

August 1977: Remembrance by Adele Whitely Fletcher, with photos.

Motion Picture

February 1944: "An Invitation to Visit." Joan and Phillip Terry at home, with 10 color photos.

February 1948: "Joan Crawford, our cover girl--and why."

April 1949: "What's She Really Like?"

June 1950: "To Have and Have Not."  A look at Joan's romances and marriages.

Motion Picture News

June 29, 1929: 2-page spread with illustration, touting four upcoming Joan films.

Movie Mirror

December 1938: "Joan Crawford's Plan's for a Family."

September 1940: "Why Joan Crawford Has Adopted a Baby."

Movie Weekly

March 27, 1925: "Name Her and Win $1,000." Lucille Le Sueur needs a new name!

April 11, 1925:  "There's Still Time to Enter the $1,000 Name Contest."

April 25, 1925:  "The $1,000 for a Name Contest."

Movie World

February 1971: "The Four Men Who Left Joan Crawford Loveless." Joan looks back at her husbands, life, and career.

National Enquirer

October 16, 1979: "Joan Crawford Committed Suicide."

New Movie

May 1930:  "Lucille, Joan and Mrs. Doug."

December 1931: Tour of Joan and Doug's Brentwood home with photos, architectural drawings.

October 1933: "General Joan," by Mrs. Wallace Ford.

New York

October 9, 2006: "Legends at Home." Brief essay and photos of New Yorkers at home. Joan has two photos and appears on one of four covers (other covers: Dylan, Madonna, Warhol).

New York Daily News

February 3, 1967: "Joan Denies Insulting Justice Douglas' Wife."

The New Yorker

January 3, 2011:  "Escape Artist: The Case for Joan Crawford." By David Denby.

March 20, 2017:  "Feud: A Bittersweet Beauty." By Emily Nussbaum. Essay on the FX TV show.

New York Observer

February 25, 2002: "A Condom for Your Couch? Carleton Varney on Mrs. Clean."

New York Times

June 4, 1929.  "Fairbanks Jr., 19, Weds Joan Crawford Here; Pair Too Busy in Films for Honeymoon Now."

March 18, 1933.  "Joan Crawford Quits Fairbanks Jr."

April 12, 1939.  "Divorce Granted to Joan Crawford."

February 3, 1961. "Alfred N. Steele Estate Is Found Insolvent."

August 5, 1973. "I Deplore Going Back." Joan one of 15 celeb opinions following 6/21/73 Supreme Court ruling on obscenity laws. Main article head "Has the Supreme Court Saved Us from Obscenity?"

May 11, 1977: "Joan Crawford Dies at Home." Long obit.

February 17, 1978: "Homage -- and a Lot More -- at Crawford Auction." Re Plaza Art Galleries auction.


October 5, 1952: "In Hollywood, they give till it hurts!"

July 3, 1955:  "Is Joan Crawford Through with Hollywood?"


May 30, 1977: "Joan Crawford a Suicide?" Last-days-of article by neighbor and friend Doris Lilly.

October 19, 1981: "Was She Devil or Doting Mom?" Interviews with all four kids.

May 6, 1998:  "Daughter Dearest." Interview with Christina.


February 1927:  "She Doesn't Use a Lipstick in Public."

February 1934:  "I Meet Miss Crawford."

October 1935: "The Girl Without a Past," plus "Joan Crawford Entertains" (recipes for a dinner party).

February 1937: "A Crown for Miss Crawford" (brief look at her new do), plus "On the Air in Hollywood."

October 1946: Breathless article on Joan and Clark new romance rumors.

February 1948: "I'm an Adopted Mother" by Joan Crawford.

July 1975: "At Last, I'm Finally Living the Life I Want!"

Picturegoer (UK)

May 28, 1938:  "Are These Stars Box-Office Poison?"

Private Lives

March 1955: "Why They Hate Joan Crawford."


October 1960:  "The Revolt of Joan Crawford's Daughter." The over-5000-word 1960 Christina interview that became the core of Mommie Dearest.

Rona Barrett's Hollywood

October 1977: "The Way They Were -- Joan Crawford." Tribute with 18 photos.

Salina (KS) Journal

April 24, 1955:  "Even Stars Work Saturday Nights."

San Mateo (CA) Times    

June 12, 1972: "Joan Crawford Minces No Words."

Satellite Direct 

August 2002: "Screen Queen." Interview with director of TCM's "Ultimate Star" doc.

Scarlet Street

Spring 2004: "Joan Crawford: Dearest Mommy." An excerpt from co-star John Ireland's as-yet-unpublished autobiography.

Fall 2005: Article/review by David Del Valle on Female on the Beach.

Screen & Radio Weekly (Sunday supplement)

November 25, 1934: "Meet the Real Joan Crawford! The Person Behind the Myths."

August 4, 1935: "Two Stars Tell What They Think of You." Joan and Robert Montgomery on their critical fans.

Screen Guide  

October 1950: "Joan Crawford: Hollywood's Most Glamorous Star." Includes 21 photos of home and on Harriet Craig set.


January 1931: "Joan Goes to Jail!"

December 1933:  "Joan Unmasks Hollywood for Franchot Tone."

January 1964: "Joan Crawford Reveals: The Hollywood I Knew." Long interview on the set of Strait-Jacket.

Screen Romances

August 1947:  Intro puff piece  to accompany main article, a fictionalization of Possessed.

Screen Stars

November 1945: "Joan Crawford Tells How to Handle Gossip."

October 1950: "How to Fight Loneliness."

Screen Stories

December 1963: "Hollywood Girls Are Killing Their Own Glamor." Interview on the set of Strait-Jacket.

Silver Screen

January 1934: "Joan Crawford: The Most Remarkable Girl in Hollywood." Psychologically astute interview with and look at Joan

January 1939: "She's Dancing Again!" A puff piece on Joan being a swell gal, including details of interactions on The Shining Hour set.

Southern Illinoisan

September 21, 1969:  "Joan Crawford Visits Southern Illinois: New Marion Soft Drink Plant Opens."

Stars & Stripes

June 29, 1963: "Berlin-bound Joan Crawford not ready for grandmother roles yet."

Stephens College publications  

1929 Stephens Standard and 1970 Stephens Life.


May 16, 1938: "Dead Cats." Article on "box-office poison."

May 19, 1958: "Living It Up With Pepsi." Joan and Al press conference.

May 23, 1977: Obituary: "Hollywood's Once and Only Star."

November 20, 1978: "Joan Crawford's Other Life." Christina's new book.

TV Guide   

August 16, 1969:  "Lady in the Dark." Joan in Night Gallery and her desire for more work.

Vanity Fair

February 1936: "Starlight Starbright." Joan's rise to refinement.

May 1994:  One-page article on an upcoming Joan-memorabilia auction in NYC.

March 2004: "The Lipstick Jungle." Over 7000-word article on the making of the '59 film The Best of Everything.

March 2008:  "Daughter Dearest." Excerpt from Charlotte Chandler's 2008 Joan bio Not the Girl Next Door.


November 1, 1965: "Joan Crawford -- A Second Fame: Good Food." First page of article/photo.


April 1957: "The Night Joan Crawford Played a Waiting Game." Joan surprises folks at a restaurant!

Woman's Home Companion

August 1956: "Joan Crawford introduces her daughter to show business."  3-page article on Joan showing Christina the ropes, with 10 photos by Eve Arnold.

 The Best of Everything