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Below: Click on article titles highlighted in yellow to read the transcript of the article.



Screen Mirror

February 1931


Screen Pictorial (Japan)




Other known Screen Pictorial issues featuring Joan:

September 1936.

Winter 1937.

May 1939.




Screen Play

September 1931. Cover art by Harry Clive.

Screen Play

September 1933.  "Confessions of Joan Crawford's Maid."

Other known issues of Screen Play  featuring Joan:


April 1931. "How They Won Fame"

August 1932.

December 1933.

April 1937. "Why Joan Crawford
Loves Blues"

Screen Play Secrets

September 1930.  114 pgs. Includes a fictionalization

of Our Blushing Brides.

Other known issues of Screen Play Secrets 

featuring Joan:


April 1930: "Joan Crawford's Honeymoon Diary."

August 1930.



Screen Romances (US)

February 1931. Paid.

Screen Romances

October 1932.  Rain.

Screen Romances

September 1933.  Vol 9, Issue 52.

Screen Romances

November 1934.  Vol. 11, No. 66.

"Win a Lovely Gift from Joan Crawford in This Issue."

Screen Romances

August 1935. "Win a Gift from Joan Crawford!"

No More Ladies.

Screen Romances

October 1941. When Ladies Meet.

Other known issues of

Screen Romances  featuring Joan:


December 1936. Love on the Run.

June 1941. A Woman's Face.

March 1943. Reunion in France.

July 1943. Above Suspicion.

January 1948. Daisy Kenyon.


Screen Romances

August 1947.  Possessed.

Cover article.    Fictionalization of movie.





Screen Secrets

November 1928.  "Joan in Love."


Screen Stars

October 1950. Joan in lower left photo.

How to Fight Loneliness by Joan


Other known issues of

Screen Stars featuring Joan:


November 1945.  Joan Crawford

Tells How to Handle Gossip.

March 1947.  "Can Women Trust

Each Other?" by Joan Crawford.



Seculo Ilustrado  (Portugal)

Year unknown.



June 26, 1928.

36 pp.




Semanita  (Chile)

September 1927.  No. 86.
2-pg. article.


Sight and Sound (UK)

May 2016. Vol. 26, No. 5.



Silver Screen (US)

December 1930.

Silver Screen (US)

January 1932. Vol. 2, No. 3. 84 pgs.

Silver Screen (US)

September 1932.  Vol. 2, No. 11.
68 pgs.
Contest for Joan Crawford Painting:

"The best letter that expresses why Joan Crawford
represents the modern ideal of beauty wins the beautiful

original painting by John Rolston Clarke usedfor the cover

of this issue."

Silver Screen

March 1933.

Silver Screen

October 1933. Dancing Lady.

Silver Screen

November 1934.

Silver Screen

October 1936.

Silver Screen

January 1939. Vol. 9, No. 3.

Cover head: "Joan Crawford's 'UMPH' is

Clicking Again."  Article: She's Dancing Again!

Silver Screen

April 1949.



Other known issues of Silver Screen  featuring Joan:


December 1931.

February 1932.

August 1932.

May 1933. "When Joan Crawford

Was a School Girl."

January 1934. The Most Remarkable Girl in Hollywood.

December 1934.   "The Greatest Success of Joan Crawford

and Clark Gable is YET to Come."

April 1935.

June 1935. "Through Joan Crawford's Clothes Closet."

May 1936.

February 1938.

August 1940.  "Joan Crawford's Own Way of Snagging a Man!"

March 1943. "Joan Crawford's Wartime Philosophy."

March 1949. 74 pgs.  "There Are No Bad Girls" says

Joan Crawford.

December 1949.

April 1954.

January 1971.

January 1972.




Sintonia  (Chile)

Nov. 1947. Vol. 15.

Smart Hair Styles

May 1937.



Song Hits

Nov. 1, 1936. Vol. 5, No. 38.




Star (Japan)

Unknown 1930s.

Star  (Japan)

Unknown 1930s.

Star Weekly

March 9, 1940.

Startling Detective

January 1932.





St. Louis Globe-Democrat Hollywood (Unvarnished)

Sunday supplement

Sept. 30, 1934.  Click here to see larger version.

Subscription TV Magazine (Connecticut)
Feb. 17 - March 1, 1968.

Success Unlimited!

April 1967.

Svensk Damtigning  (Sweden)

May 10, 1956.

Szinhaz  (Hungary)

June 1939.



"S" (part 2) magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available. (Click on underscore to read the article.)


Screen News

February 1955.  32 pgs.


Screen Stories

January 1948.  Daisy Kenyon.

December 1950.  Harriet Craig.

November 1953.  Torch Song.

December 1952.

September 1955.  Female on the Beach.

October 1962.

December 1963. "Joan Crawford: Hollywood Girls Are Killing Their Own Glamor."


Screen World

Summer 1950.   "Joan Crawford: Miss Movies."



November 1933.

January 1935.



December 1953.



August 1927. Picture inside from The Unknown.



December 1940.

January 1941.



July 1943.  Above Suspicion.  Vol. 2, No. 7.


Stars and Stripes

November 9, 1952. "Joan Crawford Ranks as One of 10 'Most Exciting' Stars"

June 29, 1963. "Berlin-bound Joan Crawford not ready for grandmother roles yet"


Stephens College publications:

The Stephens Standard. September 1929. "Joan Crawford."

Stephens Life. April 23, 1970.  "Stephens -- interim prior to stardom for actress."


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