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Below: Click on highlighted article titles to read the transcript of the article.



Teatro Scenario (Italy)

October 1952. Vol. XVI, No. 19.

Tempo (Denmark)

July 1937. No. 28.



April 1928. This one-page photo inside the magazine is

from Joan's film "Rose-Marie." Click here to see larger photo.




Tip-Off  (US)

August 1958. Joan in picture at lower left:

"She Beat the World's Dirtiest Racket!"

Tops  (US)

November 1954. Back cover.

Article title: "Joan Crawford and Marilyn Monroe: Feud"


August 17, 1949.




True Confessions (US)

April 1931.  

True Confessions (US)

October 1932.  

True Confessions (US)

October 1935. Vol. 27, No. 159.  
"Has Love Betrayed Joan Crawford?"




True Romances

December 1927.

True Romances

September 1928.

True Romances

October 1931.

True Romances

June 1933.

True Romances

May 1934.

True Romances

July 1937.




True Story

May 1928.

True Story

August 1933. "The True Story of Clark Gable's Romantic

128 pgs.



Other known issues of True Story featuring Joan:

October 1933.

March 1952. Joan as hostess.

The True Story of Joan Crawford





TV Guide  (US)

October 28, 1961. Joan in small picture at

upper right.

6-page article on Joan hosting

"The Ziegfeld Touch" show.



Other known issues of TV Guide 

featuring Joan:

August 16, 1969. Article on her Night Gallery

appearance: "Lady in the Dark"

TV Times  (Los Angeles)

July 28 - August 3, 2002.

Promotion for new TCM doc.

TV Week  (Chicago)

Jan. 17 -23, 1970.


TV Week  (San Diego)

July 28 - August 3, 2002.

Promotion for new TCM doc.





Uge- Magasinet


Uge-Revyen (Denmark)

October 1945. No. 40.

Uge-Revyen (Denmark)

August 1947.

Uge-Revyen (Denmark)

July 25, 1950. No. 30

USA Today

July 1987.





Variety  (US)

March 8, 1946.



To see four Variety tribute ads to Joan (1977 notice
of industry celebration and 1981, 1982, and 1984 memorials
signed by family, friends, and colleagues), click

Vida Mundial Ilustrada  (Portugal)

August 22, 1946.


Views and Reviews

1972.  Vol. 8, Issue 4.

Vizier  (Holland)




Visto  (Italy)

May 1955.

Viva (US)

August 1978. "The Troubling Truth About Joan Crawford: A Life More Bizarre Than Any Screen Role."


December 1956.  No. 12.





Weekend  (UK)

May 9 - 15, 1979.  No. 3870. 40 pgs.
"The Two Joan Crawfords: The Monster who tried to kill her daughter. The Saint who never forgot a friend in need."

Western Family  (US)

October 2, 1941. Vol. 1, No. 9. 24 pgs.

"Joan Crawford Gives a Charm Lesson."

Western Hills Echo (Ft. Worth, TX)

June 5, 1954.

Newsletter of Ft. Worth's Western Hills hotel. Joan stayed here while touring to promote Johnny Guitar.

What's On in London

September 1954.



Whisper  (US)

August 1955. Vol. 9, No. 2.



Other known issues of Whisper  featuring Joan:

April 1957. Vol. 11, No. 4.
"The Night Joan Crawford Played a Waiting Game."


Whiz Bang  (US)

August 1927.

Wiener Melange  (Vienna)


Wilfred Waves (US)

May 1937. "Official Publication of the American Society

of Beauty Culturists"

Sketch by NY Wilfred student Jean Sullivan.



Woman's Film Fair

May 1934.

Woman's Film Fair

April 1935.  "My Philosophy of
Life, by Joan Crawford."


Woman's Home Companion  (US)

January 1955. 108 pgs. "The Story I"ve Never Told."



Other known issues of WHC featuring Joan:


February 1955. Part 2 of "The Story I've Never Told."

August 1956. "Joan Crawford Introduces Her

Daughter to Show Business."


Yedigun  (Turkey)






Yildiz  (Turkey)


Yildiz  (Turkey)



Yildiz  (Turkey)

1949. 28 pgs.

Yildiz  (Turkey)




Zenit  (Italy)

July 8, 1931. 

Zenit  (Italy)

December 2, 1931.

Zenit  (Italy)

July 13, 1932.


Zenit  (Italy)

Oct. 5, 1932.

Zenit  (Italy)

Sept. 12, 1934.







"T" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available.

(Click on underlined articles to read.)



3D Movie

February 1954. 3D glasses provided for viewing a photo of Joan with fan at premiere of Torch Song. (Thanks to Kim for the info/photos.)




Talking Screen

July 1930.



Nov. 11, 1949.


This Week Magazine (Dallas Morning News Supplement)

February 5, 1961.


Time Magazine

May 16, 1938. "Dead Cats." (article on box-office poison)

May 19, 1958. "Living It Up With Pepsi." (Joan and Al press conference)

May 23, 1977. Obituary: "Hollywood's Once and Only Star."

November 20, 1978. "Joan Crawford's Other Life." (Christina's new book)


Toni Holt's Movie Life

January 1979.   "The Other Book About Joan Crawford -- New Terrible Charges...But Old Friends Defend Her."


True Love Affairs

February 1929. Article on Joan and fashions. 106 pages.


TV Magazine (weekly US newspaper TV supplement)

January 4, 1970. "Bonafide Dues-Paying Undisguised TV Fan." Interview for The Virginian appearance; includes her favorite TV shows.


TV Picture Life

November 1972.   "Robert Young: The Day Joan Crawford Gave Him His Manhood!"


TV Radio Mirror

December 1965.


TV Radio Movie Guide

January 1967.


TV Today

September 18, 1953.  (cover)



"V" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available.

(Click on underlined articles to read.)


Vanity Fair

November 1935.  Inside, a full-page photo with caption: "Joan Crawford: perennial modern."

February 1936.   "Starlight Starbright."

March 2004.  "The Lipstick Jungle": The making of the '59 film The Best of Everything.

March 2008. "Daughter Dearest": Excerpt from Charlotte Chandler's 2008 bio Not the Girl Next Door.



February 1, 1938. Article ("Stars in Their Courses" by Allene Talmey) including photo of Joan by Horst P. Horst. (See this site's "1938 Photos" page for Horst photos of Joan from this session.)

November 1, 1965.  Article, with photos and 4 personal recipes: "Joan Crawford--A Second Fame: Good Food." (First page of article).  236 pgs.

J" and "K" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available:


"W" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available.


Weight Watchers

December 1975.



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