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al Aroussa      al Cinema        Allas        Allas Kronika      Allure     American Classic Screen      
American Home        American Movie Classics      American Weekly      Amor Film      A Noite     
Architectural Digest        Art and Beauty Magazine       Art Studies       Australian Women's Weekly



Bella         Big Reel         Bolero        Boxoffice       Boy's Cinema         Bright Lights        Buen Hogar


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A - Z Hebdomadaire Illustre

July 7, 1935. No. 16.

ABC (Belgium)

August 21, 1932.

ABC (Belgium)

August 20, 1933. No. 30

ABC (unknown country)

Sept. 21, 1947.




A Scena Muda (Brazil)

Dec. 14, 1937. No. 873.

[Note: Not sure why the spelling of the title changed from

"Scena" to "Cena" in later years.  I'm guessing these are

all the same magazine.]

A Scena Muda (Brazil)

Jan. 10, 1939. No. 929.

A Cena Muda (Brazil)

Sept. 9, 1941. No. 1068. 34 pgs.

A Cena Muda (Brazil)

Dec. 1954. No. 37. 48 pgs.



Adult Psychology (US)

Jan./Feb. 1954.

14-pg. article w' photos:

"The Woman Within Joan Crawford."

After Dark (US)

March 1978. Tribute issue.

December 1978. Interview with Christina Crawford.

al Aroussa (Egypt)

April 27, 1933



al Cinema

Sept. 30, 1928

al Cinema

Oct. 1929



Allas  (Sweden)

Dec. 11, 1932. No. 50.

Allas  (Sweden)

May 16, 1937. No. 20.

Allas Kronika  (Finland)

August 1928. No. 41.



American Classic Screen (US)

Jan./Feb. 1983

Cover head: "Recollections of Joan Crawford and Other

Screen Ladies."

American Movie Classics (US)

May 1989. No. 12.

Amor Film  (France)

August 12, 1954.  "Sudden Fear."

A Noite (Brazil)

March 19, 1946



Bella  (Italy)

Nov. 12, 1946

The Big Reel (Australia)

November 1980. No. 78. "Anne Bancroft as cinema legend

Joan Crawford!"

Bolero  (Italy)

August 1949



Boxoffice (USA Southwest Edition)

October 12, 1964

Boy's Cinema

May 2, 1931. No. 594.

Boy's Cinema


Bright Lights

1979. No. 8.



Other Bright Lights articles:
July 1, 1997:
A Mannequin's Face: Joan Crawford



"A" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available.

(Click on underscore to read the article.)


Allure  March 2000

American Home  March 1946: Joan Crawford at Home in New York.

American Weekly (US Sunday supplement) Feb. 25, 1951:  "Indomitable Joan Crawford." (Art by William Rose.)

Architectural Digest (US)

March/April 1976

April 1990: "Joan Crawford." Vol. 47, No. 4

Art and Beauty Magazine Jan. 1926

Art Studies Nov. 1928. "Artistic nudes" mag, with this one-page Ruth Harriet Louise photo from 1926.

Australian Women's Weekly Oct. 26, 1977: "Joan Crawford: The Raging Star."


"B" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available:


Buen Hogar (July 1973; 3-pg. article, 6 pictures.)


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