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 Art Collection

Ballerina Girl.    Girl With Kitten.    Harlequin Girl.    Sad Eye.

Above:  Four Joan-owned paintings by Margaret Keane. Auctioned by Doyle New York on 12/7/11.  Click on any painting to see larger versions of all four.

 Below:  A Margaret Keane portrait of Joan that hung in the living room of  two of Joan's apartments, Fifth Avenue and Imperial House 22-G.

    1963, at her Fifth Avenue apartment.          1970, at her Imperial House 22-G apartment. The cover photo for her 1971 book 'My Way of Life.'


Below:  A painting by Michaele (now "Michael") Vollbracht that hung in Joan's bedroom at her Imperial House 22-H apartment.




Above:  Scrapbook presented to Joan at the end of the filming of Mildred Pierce, including film stills and memorabilia. Offered at auction by Doyle New York on 12/7/11.



Above: Personal bound script for Daisy Kenyon. Auctioned by Nate D. Sanders in April 2015, starting at $10,000.

(Script was initially auctioned at Christie's in June 1993, as part of Lot 18, for $1400.)


Personal stationery, circa 1920s     Personal stationery (Crane's) with E. 70th St. address. Auctioned at Doyle New York 12/7/11.


   Joan's personal bookplate.       Part of Joan's Kuan-Yin porcelain collection.


   Dresser set.     Ivory elephant herd. 18-1/2 in. long. Auctioned at Doyle New York on 12/7/11.


Joan's gift to Burlingham, NC, radio program director in May 1967 when she was touring for Pepsi.          A compact, 5 x 3-1/2 inches, with raspberry lipstick and compartments for loose and solid powder. As of 5/04, this was on sale for $365 on the Roslyn Herman auction site.      A compact.



Above: Compact from NYC's "Rex." Auctioned on eBay 2013.



Above: A set of sterling silver "JC"-monogrammed goblets, auctioned by Joan in 1967 with Parke-Bernet upon her move to the Imperial House.

51 Troy ounces. 6-3/8 inches  tall and 3-3/8 inches wide. Offered on eBay in 2013 for $6,000.





Above left: Specially labeled salt-and-pepper shakers for Joan from Lawry's restaurant in Beverly Hills, 1950s.

(From Dore Freeman's private collection; auctioned on eBay in 2013.)




 A Joan cigarette case, from the Allen Jeffries collection; being auctioned 9/05 online.     Cigarette case.


    Makeup case given to Joan by Frank Sinatra, Christmas 1957.      Inside of makeup case.

 Sinatra's inscription on bottom of case.


Above:  Joan's mahogany backgammon table (H 29 in, W 44 in, D 2-1/4 in). Sold at auction by Doyle New York on 12/7/11.


From the Mackinac Island Grand Hotel.

Parlor of Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel.

Above: Parlor of the Grand Hotel of Mackinac Island (Michigan) today, decorated by Carleton Varney
and including two end tables from Joan's last apartment (also decorated by Varney). Thanks to Luke Mack for the photos.


Joan's pharmacy card from the Clayton and Edwards Pharmacy in NYC.              A recent button made out of Joan's old MGM employee card #13998. It also shows her Social Security number: 568-10-8455.


Below:  Checks from and to Joan

A personal check from 1933.


 A personal check from 1932.


A personal check from Joan's last address on E. 69th St.


A batch of checks written in 1976.


Warners royalty check to Joan. (See below photo for endorsement on back.)

Endorsement on back of above Warners check.


1976 William Morris Agency royalty check to Joan.

Endorsed back of above William Morris check.


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