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Celebrity Letters to (or about) Joan Crawford

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Below the alpha list, all letters are arranged chronologically, earliest to latest. (Letters from unknown years follow those with years known; posthumous letters about Joan---including from Stanwyck, Hepburn, and Dietrich---are at the very end.)


See also a separate page for a sampling of congratulatory letters from industry regulars to Joan upon her March 1946 Oscar win.


Robert Aldrich

Anne Bancroft

Anne Baxter

Cecil Beaton

Busby Berkeley

Shirley Booth

James M. Cain

Milton Caniff

Maurice Chevalier (2)

Jackie Cooper

George Cukor



1976 (2)

Marlene Dietrich (1981 to Paramount exec re Mommie Dearest)

Loletta Hebert Edwards (journalist)

Doug Fairbanks, Jr.

Lynn Fontanne



Paul Gallico






Lillian Gish (Christmas card, unknown year)

Eydie Gorme

Helen Hayes




Katharine Hepburn


1979 to Joan's daughter Cathy LaLonde

1995 to friend re MD

J. Edgar Hoover

George Hurrell


John Huston

Glenda Jackson


unknown year

Leo Jaffe

Larry King

Anita Loos

1970 (2)


unknown year

Lord Mountbatten

Alfred Lunt

Agnes Moorehead

Kay Mulvey

George Murphy

David Niven

Jack Oakie

Carroll O'Connor

Laurence Olivier

Mary Pickford

Phil Regan

Gov. Nelson Rockefeller

Cesar Romero


1976 and unknown card

Barbara Stanwyck




1979 to Joan's daughter Cathy LaLonde

Franchot Tone

Jerry Wald

Jack Warner

Lawrence Weingarten

White House (LBJ invitation)

Mrs. Earl Wilson

Mary Wilson (British Prime Minister's Harold Wilson's wife)

Tracey Wynn (Keenan Wynn's son)

Loretta Young



Chronological List



From Rosemary Wilson (columnist Earl Wilson's wife), 2/1/46



From James M. Cain, 3/7/46




From Barbara Stanwyck, 3/8/46

March 8, 1946. Oscar congrats from Barbara Stanwyck.

...with an accompanying letter from Stanwyck's 13-year-old adopted son Tony.



From Jack Warner, 3/8/46

3/8/46. Oscar congrats from Jack Warner.



From producer Lawrence Weingarten, 3/11/46



From columnist Kay Mulvey, 3/13/46



From actor Phil Regan, 3/46



From Shirley Booth, 4/21/59

[From the Private Collection of Danny Rentz. May not be reproduced elsewhere without his permission.]



From journalist Loletta Hebert Edwards, 6/26/59



From producer Jerry Wald, 10/5/59



From director Robert Aldrich and his production company, 9/7/62





From Prime Minister Harold Wilson's wife Mary, 4/19/66



From New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller, 8/30/66


From the LBJ White House, 1/17/67


From Agnes Moorehead, 7/8/67


From ex-husband Franchot Tone, 8/10/67



From writer Paul Gallico, 12/12/67


From Mary Pickford, 3/25/68


From Cecil Beaton, 5/3/69



From writer Paul Gallico, 9/13/69


From Anita Loos, 4/24/70


From Anita Loos, 5/8/70



From Anne Bancroft, 6/24/70


From Maurice Chevalier, 10/10/70

(See also Joan's response to this letter.)


From Maurice Chevalier, 10/27/70





From J. Edgar Hoover, 12/30/70





From writer Paul Gallico, 1/30/71


From Busby Berkeley, 1971, in response to Joan's telegram after the opening of "No, No, Nanette"


From Barbara Stanwyck, 12/23/71


From John Huston, 1/27/72


From David Niven, 3/8/72


From writer Paul Gallico, 3/22/72


From Eydie Gorme, 5/20/72


From Lynn Fontanne, 7/11/72



From Helen Hayes, 10/20/72





From director George Cukor, 1/31/73





From cartoonist Milton Caniff, 3/21/73

(Caniff created the "Terry and the Pirates" comic strip, and his "Dragon Lady" character was based on Joan's 1930s look.

This letter is in reference to the recent retirement of George Wunder, who had taken over the "Pirates" strip in 1946.)


From Anita Loos, 4/27/73



From Cesar Romero, 11/12/73


From Laurence Olivier, 12/18/73


From Carroll O'Connor, 12/25/73


From George Cukor, 1/3/74


From Anne Baxter, 1/12/74


From Glenda Jackson, 2/18/74


From Glenda Jackson, unknown year


From Leo Jaffe, 4/25/74


From Jackie Cooper, 6/17/74


From Tracey Wynn (writer/director and son of Keenan Wynn), 6/18/74


From Helen Hayes, 10/26/74


From Lord Mountbatten, 12/4/74


From Barbara Stanwyck, Christmas 1974


From Loretta Young ("Gretch"): April 25, 1975



From Katharine Hepburn, 6/25/75

...and below is a draft of a letter from Joan to Kate. Not clear if this letter was sent to Hepburn before or after the above.


From George Murphy, 7/9/75


From Jack Oakie, 11/10/75


From Lynn Fontanne, 12/30/75


From George Hurrell, 4/16/76

   1930 photo accompanying Hurrell's letter to left.


From George Cukor, 1/21/76 and 7/9/76



From Cesar Romero: 7/18/76, 12/18/76, and unknown




From Alfred Lunt, 8/27/76


From writer Paul Gallico's widow, 1976


From ex-husband Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., 1/26/77




Unknown Year

(alphabetical by sender)




Christmas card from Lillian Gish (year unknown)





Christmas card from Helen Hayes (year unknown)

Christmas card from Helen Hayes.  Cover of Christmas card.


From Larry King, March 8 (year unknown)


From Anita Loos (year unknown)



Posthumous About Joan

From Barbara Stanwyck to Joan's daughter Cathy LaLonde, 7/25/79


From Katharine Hepburn to Joan's daughter Cathy LaLonde, 9/12/79


From Marlene Dietrich to Paramount exec Peter Bankers, August 7, 1981


From Katharine Hepburn to friend re Mommie Dearest, 2/1/95


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