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Hollywood Canteen


A publicity shot for 1944's 'Hollywood Canteen.'   1944. Publicity for 'Hollywood Canteen.'


1944. A screen shot from 'Hollywood Canteen' with Dane Clark.    With Dane Clark.   1944. 'Hollywood Canteen,' with Dane Clark.   1944. 'Hollywood Canteen,' with Dane Clark, center, and Robert Hutton.




Misc. 1944 Images


Circa 1944 with Bette Davis and Jean Hersholt.    A 1944 appearance at LA's Hollywood Canteen.   1944 publicity.


Circa 1944.    1944, with Joan Leslie.    1944 with Joan Leslie.

Jan. 30, 1944, with the troops at an Oakland hospital.   Jan. 1944 at an Oakland, CA, veterans' hospital. With husband Phillip Terry to right.    1944. In Hollywood with husband Phil Terry.

1944. On the Warners lot. Shot by Bert Longworth.    1944. Shot by Bert Longworth.

1944 candid snapshot by a fan.    Circa 1944, with husband Phillip Terry and Edward Arnold.   Circa 1944 candid.   Circa 1944. With husband Philip Terry.    Circa 1944 publicity.

1944 publicity at home.    1944 publicity at home.    At home, circa 1944.   1944. At home.    Circa 1944, at home.    Circa 1944.


1944 at home.    Circa 1944, at home.   Circa 1944.   Circa 1944.   Circa 1944, with husband Phillip Terry.   1944. Victory Garden, with husband Phillip Terry.


1944. Joan and Christina.   1944. With Christina.    1944. At home with Christina.    1944. With Christina.   1944. With Christina.


1944. With Christina.    1944. With Christina.   1944. With Christopher and Christina.


Circa 1944 candid.    Circa 1944 snapshot with husband Phil Terry. Shot by Dwight Romero.    Circa 1944 street snapshot.


1944. Publicity shot at home.    1944. Fun with Phil at home.    1944. With husband Phil Terry at home. Shot by John Engstead.    1944, with husband Phil Terry. Shot by John Engstead.


1944. Shot by Bert Six.    1944. Shot by Bert Six.


1944 publicity by Eugene Richee.    1944 publicity by Eugene Richee.    1944 publicity by Eugene Richee.    1944 publicity by Eugene Richee.    1944 publicity by Eugene Richee.


1944 publicity.    1944 publicity.    1944 publicity.    1944 publicity.


Candid, circa 1944.    Candid, circa 1944.    Candid, circa 1944.



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