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Complete Your Crawford Collection!


Fill in any gaps you might have in your collection of Joan's music, films, and/or television.


To order, or if you have any questions, contact Shane.


Joan Crawford Songs (mp3 format; one CD):  $10


Joan Crawford - Silver Screen Star Series (1975) - LP Rip:
1. Hollywood Review - Gotta Feelin' For You
2. Untamed - Chant of the Jungle
3. Untamed - That Wonderful Something Is Love ( 2 versions with Robert Montgomery)
4. Untamed - Chant of the Jungle (alternate recording)
5. Montana Moon - Montana Call
6. Possessed - How Long Will It Last

7. Dancing Lady - Everything I Have Is Yours (with Art Jarrett)
8. Dancing Lady - Heigh-Ho The Gang's All Here/Let's Go Bavarian (with Fred Astaire)

9. The Bride Wore Red - Who Wants Love
10. Mannequin - Always and Always
11. Verdi - Recordatus
12. I See Your Face Before Me
13. Ice Follies of 1939 Commercial - It's All So New To Me
14. Ice Follies of 1939 Commercial - I'm In Love With The Honorable Mr. So And So
15. When Ladies Meet - I Love Thee (with Greer Garson)
16. Above Suspicion - Bird in a Gilded Cage (with Fred MacMurray)
17. Flamingo Road - If I Could Be With You
18. Torch Song - You Wont Forget Me (India Adams)
19. Torch Song - Two Faced Woman (India Adams)
20. Torch Song - Tenderly (India Adams)
21. George Fisher Show - Christmas With The Crawfords

Misc Tracks:
1. Gotta Feelin' For You (1929) - direct film rip
2. Chant of the Jungle (1929) - direct film rip
3. Montana Call (1930) - direct film rip
4. How Long Will It Last (1931) - direct film rip
5. Always and Always (1937) - direct film rip
6. Who Wants Love (1937) - direct film rip
7. I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak (1939)
8. It's All So New To Me (1939)

9. Something's Gotta Happen Soon (1939)
10. Torch Song Recording Session (30 minutes) - Follow Me (Joan's Real Voice) (1953)



Town Hall Interview:  $10

Legendary Ladies of the Screen: John Springer's 4/8/73 interview with Joan at NYC's Town Hall


Rare Joan Crawford Films on DVD:  $10 each


1925   Proud Flesh

1925   Pretty Ladies
1925   The Circle

1927   Winners of the Wilderness

1927   Twelve Miles Out
1930   Montana Moon
1930   Our Blushing Brides
1932   Letty Lynton
1935   I Live My Life
1937   The Last of Mrs. Cheyney
1937   The Bride Wore Red
1942   They All Kissed the Bride
1950   Harriet Craig
1954   Johnny Guitar
1955   Female on the Beach
1956   Autumn Leaves
1957   The Story of Esther Costello
1965   I Saw What You Did


Joan Crawford Misc TV:  $10 each


1950s Television - 4 Shows on one DVD: Strange Witness (1958), Because I Love Him (1953), Road to Edinburgh (1954), And One Was Loyal (1959)

1958  The Bob Hope Show
1959/1961   Zane Grey Theatre: Rebel Range & One Must Die

1961  The Ziegfeld Touch
1963   Route 66: Same Picture, Different Frame
1964   Della (Fatal Confinement)

1966  BBC Interview

1967  This Was the Mary

1968  Secret Storm (one episode, audio only)
1968   The Lucy Show: Lucy and the Lost Star

1969   Night Gallery pilot: Eyes

1969   Greta Garbo documentary
1970   The Virginian: The Nightmare

1970  The Tim Conway Comedy Hour

1970  Journey to the Unknown
1970   David Frost Interview

1970   Easter Island documentary
1972   The Sixth Sense: Dear Joan, We're Going To Scare You To Death

Joan Crawford TV Commercials

Joan Crawford Game Shows



Joan Crawford General Misc: $10 each


1931  Short Film: The Stolen Jools

1973  Legendary Ladies of the Screen: John Springer's interview with Joan at NYC's Town Hall (audio only)

1977 Joan Crawford funeral footage

1975/1976 Audio CD   Joan Crawford introducing 4 of her film noirs (1975) & telephone messages to Carl Johnes

DVD of random Crawford appearances, including: 1925 screen-test, 1925 MGM studio tour, Grand Hotel Premiere (1932), The Little Princess Premiere (1939), A Star Is Born Premiere (1954), some home video footage, the last known footage, various interviews, Ford Startime Talent Scout, cameos, cartoons, etc.



To order, or if you have any questions, contact Shane.


NOTE: All transactions are between you and this seller. I'm listing the items here as a service to Joan fans, but I'm not involved in their production (nor do I receive any percentage)!


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