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Magasin (Sweden)


Manchete (Brazil)

July 30, 1960.

Mein Film  (Austria)




Mid-Week Pictorial  (NYC, US)

October 29, 1927. Vol. 26, No. 10

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Mid-Week Pictorial (NYC)


Mikro Gids (Holland)

January 17, 1997. No. 2.

Modern Movies

January 1938.

Other known issues of
Modern Movies featuring Joan:

June 1968.



Modern Screen  (US)

Jan. 1931. Vol. 1, No. 2.

An astrologer predicts Joan's future.


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Modern Screen  (US)

February 1932.

"To Tell You the Truth -- In Love With Another Man?

Divorcing Doug Jr.? Joan answers the gossip-mongers


Also on this page: "One Day Left to Live"

Modern Screen  (US)

October 1933.

Other known issues of Modern Screen featuring Joan:



May 1931. Vol. 1, No. 6. "Portraits: Joan Crawford"

Oct. 1931. "Joan Crawford's Wardrobe"

Nov. 1932. Vol. 4, No. 6.

May 1933. "The Separation of  Joan and Doug."

June 1933.

July 1935.

June 1936. "The Private Life of Joan and Tone."

Oct. 1936.

Jan. 1940. "The New Joan Crawford." (2-pgs, with photos)

Feb. 1940. Strange Cargo photos

August 1941.

March 1943.

May 1946.

August 1946.

May 1947. "Just Because She's Joan"

May 1948. "Closeup: Last of the Fiery Hollywood Queens"

Nov. 1948. "Life Can Be Beautiful"

June 1950.

August 1950. "I Was Afraid to Be Happy."

Nov. 1950.

Dec. 1950.

July 1951. "No More Husbands for Joan." (2 pgs, with photos)

Oct. 1951.

Nov. 1951. "What Men Have Done to Me"

Dec. 1952.

April 1953. "Mistakes That Made Her Famous"

by John Maynard.

July 1953. "Joan and Marilyn Talk to Louella Parsons"

August 1955. Vol. 49, No. 9. "Someone to Watch Over Me."

Sept. 1955. "Clash of the Steeles."

June 1957.

Feb. 1958.

March 1960.

Sept. 1972.

Feb. 1973. "Joan Crawford: TheTales Her House Tells."
(At home in her NYC apt., 13 photos)

August 1977. Vol. 71, No. 8. "My Memories of Joan" and
"I Remember Joan."

Modern Screen  (US)

March 1935. "Here They Are! Joan's Latest!"





Mon Cine (France)

May 1929.

Mon Cine (France)


Mon Cine (France)




Mon Copain (France)

March 1, 1936. No. 13.



Mon Film  (France)

1948. 16 pgs. Humoresque.

Mon Film  (France)

June 1, 1949. No. 145. Daisy Kenyon.

Mon Film  (France)

Nov. 1950. 15 pgs. Flamingo Road.

Mon Film  (France)

Dec. 12, 1956. Queen Bee.

Mon Film  (France)

Dec. 3, 1958. The Story of Esther  Costello.



Montreal Film

February 1948.

Montreal Film

November 1951.



Motion Picture  (US)

March 1928.

Motion Picture  (US)

Sept. 1931.

Motion Picture  (US)

Sept. 1932. Vol. xliv. No. 2.

"Will Joan Crawford's Career Wreck Her Marriage?"

Motion PIcture  (US)

January 1934.  90 pgs.

Motion Picture  (US)

March 1935. "Another Marriage for Joan?"
(2 pgs, with photos)

Motion Picture   (US)

Dece mber 1936.

Motion Picture   (US)

February 1948. Vol. 75, No. 1.

"Joan Crawford: Our Cover Girl and Why."

Motion Picture   (US)

January 1975 (lower left). "Hollywood's Blazing Feuds"


Motion Picture   (US)

September 1976 (upper right). "Joan Crawford Talks

About Her Days as a Young Hollywoodian"




Other known issues of Motion Picture featuring Joan:


March 1927.  The Black Bottom in Ten Lessons,

by Hollywood's Expert, Joan Crawford.

April 1927.  Her Kingdom for a Friend.

December 1928.

June 1929.

June 1930.

March 1932.

May 1933.

Dec. 1933 (cover) "The Inside Story of Joan Crawford's First

August 1935. "Joan Crawford Tells On Herself."

January 1938.

June 1938. Vol. 55, No. 5. "Joan Answers All Rumors."

May 1939.

November 1939.

February 1944. Vol. 67, No. 1. "An Invitation to Visit."

August 1945. "Let's Gossip with Joan Crawford."

June 1946. "My Great Moment."

November 1946.

April 1949. Vol. 77, No. 3. "What's She Really Like?"

June 1950. "To Have and Have Not."

March 1954.

August 1962. "Who Took the Fun Out of Movies?"

September 1966.

July 1969.

February 1975. "Joan Crawford: We Celebrate Her 50 Years in



Movie  (Israel)

February 10, 1941.

Movie Classic

July 1933.

Movie Classic

June 1935. "Joan Crawford Answers Her Critics."

Other known issues of Movie Classic featuring Joan:


Jan. 1933. "The Star Who Never Rests."

Nov. 1934. "Joan Crawford: Good Samaritan."

Nov. 1935.



"M (part 1)"  magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available.

(Click on underscored to read article.)


Manhattan  April 8, 1939.

Mansfield (OH) News Journal   Sept. 30, 1972.  "Grand Hollywood Dame Defeats Years."


November 1934.

September 1959.   "Joan Crawford: Her Fourth Marriage -- the End, the New Future"

July 1971.   "How Come Joan Crawford Still Looks So Good? Her Personal Beauty Secrets"

October 1981.   "Joan Crawford's Family Blasts Mommie Dearest"

Modern Knitting   Spring 1949.  2-page spread and photo of dress Joan knitted herself.

Motion Picture Classic

July 1928. "From Toast to Toast." (includes an original poem by Joan)

April 1929.   "Look Who's Back!"

Motion Picture News

June 29, 1929.  2-page spread with illustration, touting four of Joan's upcoming films.


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