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Below: Click on highlighted article titles  to read the transcript of the article.



National Enquirer  (US)

Oct. 28, 1962.

National Enquirer  (US)

Oct. 16, 1979. "Joan Crawford Committed Suicide."

National Enquirer  (US)

Oct. 20, 1981.



Other known issues of Natl' Enquirer featuring Joan:

1961. "The Battling Crawfords."

National Insider  (US)

April 5, 1964. Vol. 4, No. 14.



Nedelja (Yugoslavia)

March 12, 1933.

Nedeljne Ilustracije  (Weekly Illustrations) (Yugoslavia)

Sept. 22, 1935.

Nedeljne Ilustracije

May 17, 1936.

Nedeljne Ilustracije

Jan. 17, 1937.

Nedeljne Ilustracije

Feb. 26, 1939.

Nedeljne Ilustracije

July 2, 1939.


Nedeljne Ilustracije

April 21, 1940.

Nedeljne Ilustracije

June 2, 1940.




The New Idea  (Australia)

August 21, 1936.



New Movie   (US)

May 30, 1930.  Vol. 1, No. 6. "Lucille, Joan and Mrs. Doug."

(Click on picture to see larger.) Cover art by J. Knowles Hare.

New Movie  (US)

Nov. 1932.  114 pgs.

New Movie  (US)

April 1934.


Other known issues of New Movie featuring Joan:


February 1931.

December 1931. "The Homes of the Stars"

March 1933. "The Three Ages of Joan Crawford"

April 1933.

October 1933. "General Joan" by Mrs. Wallace Ford.

September 1934.

June 1936.

New Movie  (US)

July 1935.

New Movie Album: A New Who's Who of the Screen

Oct. 1930. No. 13.





New York

Sept. 1978. Article by Christina.

New York

Oct. 9, 2006. "Legends at Home."
Joan one of 4 covers. (Others: Dylan,

Madonna, Warhol.)

New York Daily News

May 11, 1977.  Final NYC edition at left; New Jersey edition at right.

Click on Jersey cover to read more and see centerfold photos.

Other NY Daily News articles:

Feb. 3, 1967. "Joan Denies Insulting Justice Douglas' Wife."

New York Enquirer

Oct. 6, 1956.



New York Sunday Mirror

Aug. 15, 1937.

New York Sunday Mirror

January 1950.

New York Sunday Mirror

Jan. 27, 1952.

New York Sunday Mirror

Aug. 30, 1953.

New York Sunday Mirror

April 28, 1957. "Hollywood Is Cutting Its Own Throat."

New York Sunday News

August 17, 1952.



Noir et Blanc  (France)

December 1945.

Noir et Blanc  (France)

June 13, 1955. No. 537.



Novella  (Italy)

February 26, 1933.

Novella  (Italy)

October 1933.

Novella  (Italy)

December 1934.



Novelle Film

Sept. 25, 1954

Now Playing   (US)

August 1998. Turner Classic Movies magazine.

Now Playing  (US)

August 2002.  Turner Classic Movies magazine.

Now Playing  (US)

January 2014.  Turner Classic Movies magazine.





Oggi  (Italy)

May 10, 1950. No. 40.

Oggi  (Italy)

July 9, 1953.  2-pg. article with photos. 47 pgs.



Oglinda Lumii (Romania)

August 20, 1931. No. 34.

Opportunity  (US)


O Seculo Ilustrado  (Portugal)

April 1946. No. 434.

Oui  (USA)

January 1984.



"N" and "O" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available.
(Click on any underlined article to read.)


National Police Gazette

July 10, 1926.   Vol. CXXIX, No. 2552.  24 pgs. Includes a photo of Joan at the beach on the back cover of the magazine.


Needlecraft Magazine

October 1930.   "What Ever Happened to Joan Crawford?"

August 1931.   "What Happened to Joan Crawford: A Love Story that is a Prophecy."


The New Yorker

January 3, 2011. "Escape Artist: The Case for Joan Crawford."

March 20, 2017:  "Feud: A Bittersweet Beauty." Essay on FX TV series.


New York Observer

February 25, 2002. "A Condom for Your Couch? Carleton Varney on Mrs. Clean."


New York Times

June 4, 1929.  "Fairbanks Jr., 19, Weds Joan Crawford Here; Pair Too Busy in Films for Honeymoon Now."

March 18, 1933.  "Joan Crawford Quits Fairbanks Jr."

April 12, 1939.  "Divorce Granted to Joan Crawford."

February 3, 1961. "Alfred N. Steele Estate Is Found Insolvent."

August 5, 1973. "I Deplore Going Back." Joan one of 15 notable opinions after the 6/21/73 Supreme Court obscenity law ruling.

May 11, 1977.  "Joan Crawford Dies at Home."


Nord France

April 9, 1949.


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