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Picture Play (US)

September 1927. Cover painting by Modest Stein.

Picture Play (US)

January 1930. Cover painting by Modest Stein.

Picture Play (US)

December 1931.  76 pages.

Other known issues of Picture Play featuring Joan:


February 1928.

September 1928. "Portrait of a Wow."

June 1930.

May 1932.  "A Streak of Scotch."

July 1932.  "What's This About Joan?"

December 1932.  "Joan Crawford's Texas Childhood."

January 1934.  "The Girl They Talk About."

Picture Play (US)

March 1936.

Picture Play (US)

January 1938. Vol. XLVII, No. 5.

80 pages. "At Last! Joan Is Ready for the Stage!"  






Picture Show  (UK)

April 7, 1927. Across to Singapore.

Picture Show  (UK)  

Jan. 18, 1930. Vol 22, No 559.

Picture Show  (UK)

May 23, 1931.  Within the Law

(known as Paid in the US)

Picture Show  (UK)

Aug. 29, 1931.  24 pgs.

Picture Show  (UK)

Aug. 20, 1932.

Picture Show  (UK)  

Nov. 5, 1932.  Vol. 28, No. 705. Letty Lynton.

Picture Show  (UK)

April 6, 1935.  Forsaking All Others.

Picture Show  (UK)

Jan. 30, 1937.  The Gorgeous Hussy. 5-pg. illustrated article

Picture Show  (UK)

Aug. 27, 1938.  Mannequin.

Picture Show  (UK)  

Dec. 21, 1940. The Gay Mrs. Trexel

(known as Susan and God in the US).

Picture Show  (UK)

June 21, 1952. This Woman is Dangerous.

Picture Show  (UK)

May 21, 1954.  Vol. 63, No. 1638.

16 pgs. Joan appears in sidebar for Johnny Guitar.





Other known issues of Picture Show featuring Joan:


December 7, 1929. Our Dancing Daughters,

      with pullout and photos.

March 15, 1930.

November 7, 1942.

January 20, 1951.

March 6, 1954. Torch Song. 16 pgs.

Picture Show  (UK)

July 1954.  Johnny Guitar.

Picture Show Who's Who on the Screen (UK)






The Play and Movie  (Japan)

August 1927.

Point de Vue  (France)

March 14, 1946.  No. 52.




Popular Film  (Spain)

June 13, 1929.  32 pgs.

Popular Film  (Spain)

February 1930.

Popular Film  (Spain)

August 1930.


Popular Film  (Spain)

May 1931.

Popular Film  (Spain)

October 13, 1932. Letty Lynton.





Popular Screen  (US)

Jan. 1935. 64 pgs.

Other known issues of Popular Screen featuring Joan:

Sept. 1934. "Behind the Scenes."

Popular Song Hits

June 1934.

Port Cinema

1957. Story of Esther Costello.




Pour Lire a Deux

1934.  No. 4.

Pour Lire a Deux

November 1935.  No. 18.




Pour Vous  (France)

March 28, 1929.  No. 9.

Pour Vous  (France)

May 16, 1929.  

Pour Vous  (France)

July 17, 1930.

Pour Vous  (France)

August 21, 1930. No. 92.

Pour Vous  (France)

Feb. 11, 1932. (No. 169)

Pour Vous  (France)

June 2, 1932. (No. 185)

Pour Vous  (France)

January 26, 1933.

Pour Vous (France)

May 3, 1934.




Pour Vous  (France)

January 9, 1936.  Back cover.

Pour Vous  (France)

Dec. 29, 1937.  16 pgs.




Other known issues of Pour Vous  featuring Joan:

Nov. 15, 1934  (cover)





Primer Plano  (Spain)

April 1946.

Primer Plano  (Spain)


Primer Plano  (Spain)

November 1950.


Primer Plano  (Spain)

August 9, 1959.  

Primer Plano  (Spain)

June 1962.





Private Lives

March 1955.  Vol. 1, No. 5

"Why They Hate Joan Crawford"  




"P (part 2)" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available.

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Picture Post (UK)

July 1954. Head on cover: "Joan Crawford: The Timeless Star."
Article head: "The Last Star?"  2-page spread. One full-page "Johnny Guitar" photo, one other 1930s photo.



November 1960.



September 1965.   "The History of Sex in Cinema."


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