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Rambling Reporter (US)

May 1951.  Warner Bros. trade mag.
Goodbye, My Fancy feature.

Red Pepper (US)

September 1924. "A Peppy Periodical for Peppy People."

A one-page picture of Joan as she appeared in "Innocent Eyes" on Broadway.

Click the right-hand pic to see a larger version.


November 2017.  "Hollywood's Nastiest Feuds!"



Revelation (France)

A publication of Hebdomadaire.

1954. No. 24.

The Rexall Magazine

October 1933. Cover head: "Halloween Charms? Joan
Crawford Doesn't Need Them. She Has Plenty of Her Own,
Says the Rexall Graphologist."

Other known issues of Rexall  featuring Joan:


October 1929. 16 pgs.



Rivista di Commedie  (Italy)

Dec. 1929. Back cover.

Rivista di Commedie  (Italy)

Sept. 1, 1932.  No. 110.

Romances (Cuba)

May 1946. 150 pp.



Romantic Movie Stories

May 1933.

Romantic Movie Stories

March 1934.  Forsaking All Others.

Romantic Movie Stories

August 1936. The Gorgeous Hussy.



Romantic Stories

May 1935.  Vol. 111, No. 16.


Jan. 30, 1929.





Sans-Gene  (France)


Satellite Direct  (US)

August 2002.  Vol. 9, No. 5

Screen Queen.

Scandale (France)

December 1933. No. 5.




Scarlet Street  (US)  

Fall 2003. No. 49. 10-pg. article:
"Attack of the Hollywood Horror Hags."

Other known issues of Scarlet Street  featuring Joan:


Spring 1994. No. 14. Mildred Pierce.

Spring 2004. No. 50.  "Joan Crawford: Dearest Mommy."  
Excerpt from actor John Ireland's  unpublished autobiography.

Fall 2005. No. 53.  Female on the Beach.
Article/review by David Del Valle.

Screen & Radio Weekly

(Sunday supplement for US papers)

November 18 / 25, 1934:

"Meet the Real Joan Crawford! The Person Behind the Myths."

Screen & Radio Weekly

July 28 / August 4, 1935.  "Two Stars

Tell What They Think of You."




Screen Book  (US)

July 1930.

Screen Book  (US)

July 1931. 115 pgs.

Screen Book  (US)

August 1932.  72 pgs.

Screen Book  (US)

June 1933.

Screen Book  (US)

November 1935. Cover art by Gene Rex.

Screen Book  (US)

September 1936.

Other known issues of Screen Book featuring Joan:


September 1929.

May 1933. "Joan and Doug Split."

September 1933. "I Have No Regrets."

September 1934.   Vol. XIII, No. 2. "Joan Crawford Contest Winners."

May 1935. "Can You Pass the Joan Crawford Character Test?"

October 1937.

Screen Book  (US)

January 1937.

Screen Book  (US)

October 1939.





Other known issues of Screen Guide  featuring Joan:


September 10, 1938.  "Joan Crawford Fights Back."

June 1940.

May 1942. Article with 18 pictures.
Cover headline: "Joan Crawford: Public and Private Affairs..."

June 1943.  "Joan Crawford Goes Back to School."

August 1943.   "Hollywood Babies."

August 1944.

September 1945.

July 1949.   "Queen of Career Girls."

October 1950. "Joan Crawford-- Hollywood's Most Glamorous Star."
With 21 photos..)

Screen Greats  (US)



Screen Guide

August 10, 1938.
"How Joan's New Dress Stays On."

Plus: Screen Guide: Photo Parade:
Dec. 1937.




Screenland  (US)

May 1927.  Vol. 15, No. 1. Cover art by Jay Weaver.

Screenland  (US)

June 1930. 130 pgs.  Cover art by Rolf Armstrong.

Screenland  (US)

October 1931.  Cover head: "We're Married the Modern Way!"

Screenland  (US)

July 1932.  98 pgs.

Screenland  (US)

December 1932.

Screenland  (US)

May 1933. 98 pgs. "Joan Crawford Confesses!"

Screenland  (US)

December 1933. Vol. XXVIII, No. 2.

 "Joan Crawford Unmasks Hollywood for

Franchot Tone."

Screenland  (US)

April 1935.  Cover head: "Joan Crawford--The Girl behind the Gardenias."

Art by Charles Gates Sheldon. Click here to see Sheldon's original artwork.

Screenland  (US)

February 1938.  Cover head: "How  Joan Crawford Keeps

Glamorous."  98 pgs.

Other known issues of Screenland featuring Joan:


April 1929. "The Modern Maid Inspires the Mode" by Adrian.

September 1929.

April 1930.   "On Location with Joan Crawford."

October 1930.   "Marriage in Hollywood."

November 1930.   "Putting Your Best Foot Forward."

January 1931. "Joan Goes to Jail!" (Interview on set of "Paid")

January 1932.  6-pages of Joan and Possessed
fiction, with photos.

May 1932.   Grand Hotel pictorial

June 1932.   "Joan the Rebel."

March 1933.

April 1933.

October 1933.   Vol. 27, #6.

November 1933.   "Joan Crawford's Intimate Diary."

October 1935.

July 1936.

1937.   "Love on the Run."

January 1939.

October 1946.   "Joan Crawford Looks to the Future."

January 1948.  2-page article, with photos:
"Joan Psychoanalyzes Crawford."

June 1949.

May 1950.   "I Was Slapped - And Liked It."

August 1954.

January 1964.  Vol. 63, No. 4
"Joan Crawford Reveals: The Hollywood I Knew."


Screenland  (US)

November 1946.





"Q," "R," and "S (part 1)" magazines with articles only or no cover photo yet available. (Click on any underlined article to read.)



September 30, 1953.



August 1926.  One-page photo of Joan. 160 pages.

October 1960.   "The Revolt of Joan Crawford's Daughter"


Rona Barrett's Gossip

September 1977.   "Joan Crawford -- A Tribute to a 'Tough Dame.'"


Rona Barrett's Hollywood

October 1977.   "The Way They Were-- Joan Crawford." Vol. 9, No. 2.


Salina (KS) Journal   (Thanks to Paul P.)

April 24, 1955.  "Even Stars Work Saturday Nights."


Salt Lake Tribune  (Thanks to Paul P.)

June 4, 1950.   "Actress, Woman and Mother" by Hedda Hopper.


San Mateo (CA) Times  (Thanks to Paul P.)

June 12, 1972.  "Joan Crawford Minces No Words."


The Saturday Evening Post

June 17, 1933.   "The Job of Keeping at the Top."



January 1954.

May 1954.   "The Secret Life of Joan Crawford."


Screen Album

March 1931.   Vol. 1, No. 1.

Winter 1949.

February / April 1955.


Screen Comedy

October 1931.


Screen Life

October 1941. "A Woman's Face" feature.


1941. 'Screen Life' Joan feature.


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