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25th Annual Academy Awards
Broadcast Information: March 19, 1953. 1953 was the first year this awards show was televised. Joan is in the audience (she was a Best Actress nominee for
Sudden Fear; her date for the evening was director David Miller). At the end of the program, in celebration of Oscar's 25th anniversary, a line-up of past winners (including Joan) appears onstage, each cradling their statuette.


Revlon's Mirror Theater: "Because I Love Him"
Broadcast Information: September 19, 1953, on CBS. 30 minutes. Joan plays "Margaret Hughes."

 1953. Publicity shot for 'Because I Love Him.'   9/19/53. 'Because I Love Him' screen shot. Click to see two larger screen shots.


A Star Is Born World Premiere.

Broadcast info: 1954. The IMDb says parts of this were broadcast on TV and that Joan appeared in footage.


Tonight with Steve Allen
Broadcast info: September 29, 1954, on NBC.



General Electric Theater: "The Road to Edinburgh"
Broadcast info: October 31, 1954, on CBS. 30 mins. Joan plays "Mary Andrews." Also appearing: Chuck Connors, Christopher Cook, John Sutton, and John Raine. The producer was William Frye; the director was Rod Amateu; teleplay by Gavin Lambert; based on a story by John Whiting. Ronald Reagan was the show's host.









Tonight with Steve Allen

Broadcast info: June 5, 1955, on NBC.

Colgate Variety Hour
Broadcast info: September 4, 1955, on NBC. 60 mins.


With host Peter Haigh and husband Al SteelePicture Parade
Broadcast info: August 7, 1956, on BBC. 30 mins.

A weekly montage of cinema news presented in cooperation with the film industry, this episode opens with host Peter Haigh discussing Joan's visit to England. Haigh introduces footage of Joan at the BFI (where she did a short Q & A session followed by the showing of "Mildred Pierce") signing autographs. Appearing with Joan outside the BFI are Alfred Steele, Cathy and Cynthia. Joan is shown meeting the staff of the BFI, entering the auditorium and then answering questions. Next, she is shown at a party thrown by executives at the BFI. Haigh mentions Joan receiving an award from Film Section of the London Critic's Circle and that she is receiving a citation this week from the BFI. Footage from that citation presentation is shown. Finally, Joan is interviewed by Haigh. Also present and interviewed are her husband Alfred Steele and The Story of Esther Costello co-star Heather Sears. Click here for a transcript of that interview.


A - Z
Broadcast info: November 9, 1956, on BBC. Interview with Wolf Walton. Click
here to read a transcript.





Tonight! America After Dark
Broadcast info: January 28, 1957, on NBC. Joan and husband Alfred Steele are interviewed on the premiere episode of the program.

Caesar's Hour
Broadcast Information: March 2, 1957, on NBC.


What's My Line?
Broadcast Information: December 8, 1957, on CBS.











General Electric Theater: "Strange Witness"
Broadcast Information: March 23, 1958, on CBS. 30 minutes. Joan plays "Ruth Marshall." Co-stars Tom Tryon.








The Bob Hope Buick Show
Broadcast Information: October 15, 1958, on NBC.














General Electric Theater: "And One Was Loyal"
Broadcast Information: January 4, 1959, on CBS. 30 mins. Joan plays "Ann Howard." Also appearing in this episode were Tom Helmore and Robert Douglas.


See the 1959 Images page for more screen shots from the show.









The Joan Crawford Show: "Woman on the Run"
Broadcast Information: May 15, 1959. 70 mins. Pilot episode, directed by Dick Powell. Joan plays "Susan Conrad." Also appearing in this episode were Charles Bickford, Gene Raymond, Lee Phillips, Mildred Dunnock, Mark Goddard and Ken Curtis. Joan was an uncredited executive producer.


Sunday Showcase

Broadcast info: October 11, 1959. Joan appears as herself in "A Tribute to Eleanor Roosevelt on Her Diamond Jubilee."



US VHS cover.Click photo to see full image.Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theatre: "Rebel Range" (Season 4, Episode 10)
Broadcast Information: December 3, 1959, on CBS. 30 minutes. Joan plays "Stella Faring."


Show writer Kathleen HIte website: "Rebel Range" review (2005)

IMDb page

Wikipedia Zane Grey Theatre page






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